Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love ~Life~Laughter

Thursday, January 14, 2010

come on sunshine do your stuff !
Mid winter I know I know , but my bones ache for thee
ahhh to feel your warmth ............
Hope every ones New year is Fantastic so far , I am busier than ever but think of and long for my Blogging everyday ! I find if I am online face**bo*ok seems to steal my time , it is mind numbing and when you don't have a original thought to pump out to put in print as in (BLOG) ((Due to sleep depro))) FB lets one coast .I am trying to keep up with peoples blogs but forgive me if I run a little behind .
To all out there ,May love , laughter , and good Health always be your constant companions ,be true to thy self and Keep your words both soft and tender as you never know when you will have to eat them LOL
Hugs make the world a better place xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas to all

may the reason for the season be in your heart now and always

God bless everyone

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cooking a boiled dinner or as we call it a jigs dinner ,(salt beef , cabbage , variety of veggies all boiled up and we serve it with chicken , or turkey or a roast , with gravy and dressing or whatever ya wanna make with it ,tis all good :-)can certainly warm up the place ,let alone steam up :-)
Angels on the inside ,angels on the outside , yes , the girl loves angels ,they bring a sense of peace :-)and comfort .
Be warned , This as many of my post has no rhyme nor reason just IS .I am run off me feet lately and tired could not come close to describing it but one must keep moving with the heard HAHA:-)

Below ,seen these little guys and thought ,Oh poor birdies , they must be froze but I watched them for a while while mixing meds and they didn't seem to mind at all , even when the weather got worse !?! I shivered just looking at them .Looks a little like clothes pins fr a distance .poor birdie ,I wanna bring em in a keep em warm but they must be built to survive cause they are still there after years of storms .

I bought this this summer at a "fancy gift" I do not shop there often but seen it in the window and had to have a better look , It is rather large and the only place I could hang it (I didn't think that part out when I bought it , I just WANTED it) was in the middle of the window ,I bought it to help me think "SPRING" through this 11 and half months of winter we get ! yes I know it is only around 6 but feels like 11 ,just like the humidex in the summer
I think I will be looking through this part of the window above more than below ;0)
I think Missy below here has the right idea , cuddle in till it's over LOL
Hope you stay warm and healthy and happy , love and Hugs Greeneyes xo

I would rather be here watching this guy again in the sun :-)Look close LOL

Tis a baby Mink just coming home ,chasing his mommy after learning to fish off the rocks ,He is bigger than he looks here ,the video screen is so tiny ,hope you see him xo

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A special prayer for those who are having health problems

If you need one ,use one ,if someone you love needs one pray one .

For My princess , My Friend Diane's husband Lamar and My friend Donna ,all who are having health issues .

may God Watch over you and keep you safe and return your health xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, July 10, 2009

I have to get glasses , and wanna say ~~~~NO~~ NO~~~~NO ~~ (sung like I gotta go to rehab LOL)I have always had eagle eyes , and never ever thought I would need to wear them but within a very short period of time complications set in and now they say You need glasses !and I still say NO~~ NO~~NO~~!

it is not a vanity thing cause if anyone knows me there is not a vain bone in my body , I just feel :-( I may not need them all the time but

I know getting older and all that lovely stuff !~TA~ it is coming but it going to take some time getting use to , and boy they are not cheap !!!! Turns out I am Near sighted in one eye and far in the other !(never heard of it before)dear Lord wasn't bad enough !it is not a great thing but it could be worse I think about Diane's Husband and what they are going through and suddenly it all seems so superficial.

But I still say NO~NO~~~NO~~~!!!!even though I got them ! Like I said things could be worse :-)

Have a great weekend everyone ((((HUGS)))))))

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This was my face when I realized how long since I dusted off the ol' Blog and wrote anything ,Wow time flies !!!!!! I know I keep repeating myself as I wanna blog more and want more time on here , to tell the truth I try but my life is so compacted you would not believe it if I tried to tell you !!

so I wont bore you with that ;-0


I have made some very dear Friends on here and am so blessed that we connect and people whom I check in on all the time matter to me as well ,I would never let that go

and hope to make new friends along the path :-) Now if I could just give up that 5 hours a sleep I could be here more ! some will find that funny ,if you know me , you know it is true ;-)


I have always been a very private person , hence no personal pic of me on here ,no I haven't three eyes and a second head ,just not as comfie as many on here with personal photos . And once I seen that the blogs now have site meters which tell everyone what city big or small you are from and your exact location it made me shy away for awhile ,it was a little unnerving to see my place on peoples sites when I was online and commenting , I live in a small City ,some would think it puny but a city none the less and I was always uncomfie with people knowing me through my blog and me not knowing it and me living in the same small town .! I don't really think I am making any sense or if I will post this , as I know many people lurk and read ,that is OK , I just am weirded out by the universe kinda pointing a finger on top of my head but I am getting use to it :-)


So changing the subject ,if anyone is actually reading this and had the courage to get this far , I would love to know how your summer is , what your plans are for Holidays and if you are getting the weird Summer weather like we are getting here ???

well ,I must go and see whose meter I can set off HA HA , and I wish you all a good night ,or morning depending if your here or on the flipside :-)

Enjoy This day as you only get to experience it once!

HUGS ~~~~~~~~~HUGS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~HUGS~~~~HUGS