Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You are getting very sleepy , you want to close your eyes, you are very tired, and cant stay awake , you are now asleep , now when you wake up you will give me all your money and dance like a chicken when you hear or read the word HELLO : HELLO there!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he .

do I hear the chicken dance playing ? bawwwwwk haaaaa haaaa .

Guess you can tell I am BORED out of my Gourd!!!! It is so cold out that even if my brain wanted to , my body would refuse to go outside , it is skin cracking cold and the wind whips you in the face as soon as you open the door. Damm , even your bones ache inside , one good thing, just flurries not a snowstorm :)

After doing housework STUFF which I hate with a hatred so deep it is not able to be measured ,I do alot of it and it never stays done WHY IS THAT????????????????????????????????????? cause I live with some creatures known as HUMANS who should have snouts and curly tails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like things clean and with family and pets etc it is hard , so can a girl get a little help ???NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ,,,,,it is hard when people co habituate with each other, the responsibility of cooking shopping and cleaning should be divided as equally as possible.According to age if you have children and time management if some work outside the home , but it seems that in almost all of the people I know homes , one member of the household ends up doing the bulk of the grunt work an that ususally is the dominant female but , in some rare cases it is as it should be SHARED. As in the American TV show """Survivor""" I am going to start to vote people of the Island!

Monday, February 27, 2006

This is me doing my aerobics

Well ,the funeral was hard but I guess they always are, even when their not close to you ,family is important to me and it always seems that when I leave a funeral or someone's sick bed ,I always think how lucky I am I still have my family and think that I should get along better with them or spend more time with them and then it works for awhile and then poof! It goes back to the same old thing , now ,,,,,we don't all fight or anything like that , but you know how family's are , some good, some bad ,and some UGLY . I like to think we are on the good side but we are ,huhmmmmm how do I say it without it coming out wrong ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,colurful, we love hard ,play hard and fight (rarely) but hard, we are the average family not the "cleavers: or the "Simpson" either and definitely not the "Osborne" hardy har har! Except for one relative who shall remain nameless (you know who you are) We are very good to one another , just sometimes you hear people say ,I wish I had one more day with someone or something like that , I don't want their to be any regrets ,hopefully there will not be.
The snowstorm, we got hit but the other side of this island got slammed ,I guess that's what winter is all about, it was -26c yesterday and I was outside for quite awhile ,BRRRRRRRRRRR , I am still trying to warm my pink bits ! I hate the cold, I become a house cat when it gets really cold and that can make for a little cabin fever, ahhhhhhhhh what it must be like to live in a warm climate, I guess there is good and bad in all parts of life.
On a cheerier note I am finding my way around on the computer and blogging a little more YIPEHHH!!!:), alot of late nights tinkering and help from some of you out there in BLOGGERVILLE thank you all very much.It is so great to get comments :)
I was beginning to think my computer was haunted and I would never get anywhere but I am still trying and like the little engine that could '''I think I can ,I think Ican ,I think I can :

I hope everyone has a wonderful warm day llllll or night , may you never want for more than you can obtain, may you be loved as much as you love, and happiness always be your constant companion.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

It is late and I should be in bed but I am a nightowl with a computer, could be a problem. well once I figure it all out I will sleep. (apply laughter here)
It is blowing a gale as we say around here ,snow drifts are hitting my window as I type and I can hear the wind whipping everything in its path. We were suppose to have a Blizzard AGAIN but only a snowstorm showed up, the difference you may ask , in case you live some where warm and toasty ,argggh!,,,,,,,,,well a snow storm around here , you may have to shovel 2-3 hours and find your car with a stick, a blizzard you have to make a hole in the snow from your front door to find your road!
anyway......we are only hit with a nasty night! Hope it soon stops ,
I have to go to a funeral tomorrow, a friends family member, we all hate having to go to these things but that's what you do out of respect for the people you love, I did not even know this person and I will cry like a baby at the first hint of a tear being shed. I always feel weird , like someone is thinking , you don't know her !!!!! why are you upset!, but yet I cry quietly anyway, tears for them all ,the person who passed away ,my friend , the family,my own losses over the years ,and what may be in the future. I guess you could say I am just a big softie.

Well the snow is still coming down in big fluffy flakes and the dog wont even go out for his "business" I must go and drag him out so he can make pee-cicles in the snow. OH JOY FOR ME .....Have a wonderful night and God bless :)

at least someone is getting some zzzzzzz's

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Friday, February 24, 2006


Hello there ,,,,,,,,Mr. Wizard ??? ,,,,,,,,,anyone there??

I kinda feel like Dorothy in the wizard of OZ when she tried to meet the Wizard and he is ,oh so, mystical behind the curtain. What am I getting at, the blogger Gods or whatever they want to be called or someone ,or something is playing a trick on me. Ok OK what I know about blogging so far could fill a thimble....But I do know some primary basics like, type words , spell check, ((although not always and I am a terrible speller but that's a different post )) anyway I am getting sidetracked here sorry ,,,, I know how to put a pic on screen , post , read comments , and check others blogs out ! not much to it really ,,,,,,,,,,,,till I try to put things on the side of my post ,,,,, I was on a blog last night and seen the counter that is on my post now and thought it would be nice to see from around the world was on my blog , so I click and feed it the info and followed along the directions and nudah ,nuttin ,nope , zip ,,zilch , you get the idea , I tried a couple times and just left it !!!read others blogs ,and now just came on line and it ate my Last blog and is giant unlike the one on (another blog) now it wont go away. I know how to delete a post but it wont go away I tell YA...........Now don't get me wrong, I am no Einstein but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I can hear you all laughing simutaously as you read this but I am willing to share my DUHHHHH (slamming hand into forhead) with anyone who can help, she says hanging her head ((((((((SIGH*)))))))). please be kind to those less suave and skilled as you . Anyone's opinion appreciated ,I will in meantime try to solve thanks :) hope you all have a great day/night ,it is night here, early ,so I have time to read, my next book COMPUTERS for DUMMIES!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some one sent this to me and thought it was funny, it is true to a certain extent. The reverse could be possible as well, I know when I look into a mirror and what I see in a photo of myself ,seem to be completely different, that may be due to the fact that I try to only look neck up in the mirror tee hee :) . It seems as though todays society rejects peoples imperfections more than they ever did , but isn't that what makes us unique and human ,and not herds of genenticly altered SHEEP. I have no problem with my appearance but society does, I am not a waffy, 5'11'', fake breasted ,dyed blonde! but I am no Quasimodo either . They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder bahhhhh hummmmmbug ,,,,seems like it is in the eye of society and they need glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From the song by K>A> "you are beautiful , no matter what they say" you are each and everyone of you .

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I went out an bought a Bonsai tree ,yep, I can not wait for spring anymore , I have to try and KILL whoops I mean GROW something! I actually had one a few years ago and left for an overnight visit and came home where my five (now two) kitties seemed to enjoy a salad of sorts. (please note no kitties were harmed, the other three were very very very old and lived a peaceful long life ) the tree ,it was completely devoid of greenery and chew marks were on the little trees trunk, the cats were well feed and checked on by a family member, not one of them owned up to it, and the teethmarks ,,,,,,,,,,well lets just say were inCATclusive ! So , we have two felines now and I will place this Bonsai out of reach when not home. They(Bonsai) are picky little things according to the card, I have grown many things ,so I wanted to conquer this. It is already 3 years old about 6 inches in height and coniferous, wish me luck ,or rather the little tree luck.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For tomorrow
wishing everyone sunshine and happiness ,goodnight

Monday, February 20, 2006


Hello all,

isn't this is a cute pic of GARFIELD????????????????????

I can relate , sometimes I think I might need a mouse or two he he.

I think he ate to much lasanga as that is his favorite food .

Not much going on on my part of the planet,still trying to find my way around in cyberspace,trying to figure how to work most stuff it is even trickier with an old comp.:-(

I was watching on the news CNN. the last couple of days and there was a brief about severe migraines and heart function and it seems the research (IN CAN) says that there seem to be a connection in about a little over 65% on what data they have so far ,that people who have the migraines could have a minor-to- major problem with the heart and the erratic blood flow to the brain could be causing the headaches , the people who had the (hole in heart,,, tiny mostly or blockage etc )once this was repaired the headaches disappeared, thus due to the corrected bloodflow to brain ,,,,,they actually found this by coincidence. It is a new discovery and hopefully will be followed up. I mention it as a friend of mine suffes terribly with MH. and has in past had heart problems ,so you never know. Not all migraine sufferers necessarily have this problem !just note and ask DR.s

It is about -19c here and it is a very dry cold ,the kind of cold where in seconds your nose freezes together , the snow scrunches loudly under the lightest of feet, and your breathe is visible even if you brushed well , ha ,ha !THANK YOU GOD FOR SHELTER! It must be awful to be outside all the time, we don't have any people who are homeless around here, we are very fortunate , I come from a small town,not too small where everyone knows you ,but small enough. I do know there are people who do with very little heat in their homes due to varies reasons, one major reason ,,the cost , it is horrible, the oil/gas companies have us by the short hairs and doesn't seem like they are letting go anytime soon. I pray that no one has to suffer the cold,help those who need it ,even in some small way, only you know what you can or can not do, even the smallest good deed is felt. "KARMA"


Saturday, February 18, 2006

I thought this was a cute pic and I have been a little frayed around the edges as of lately. Everyone has their sad story, so to all those who needed a little laugh this pic is for you. and a cyber hug as well for my newest friend MEOW . ps. there's a little mousey here for you ,,,,laugh out loud ,life needs humour or we will look like this kitty here! Take care all.
I have been tagged by Meow, Sorry it so long, I am a Newbie remember, thank you MEOW.
What were the three things you wanted to be when you were growing up?
1. A nurse
2. A Mother
3.A singer -I'm tone deaf! cant sing in tune to save my soul (wimper***)

you can relive one day from your childhood, what would it be? The day/eve I learned how to ice skate, my brother(older) and I were the only ones left at an outside rink and he was helping me , I thought I would never get it ,my ankles were so wobbly and I was scared but with his help and confidence all of a sudden it just "Clicked" and we were both so happy, it was like only two of us in the world. ahhhh warm and fuzzy memories!

You have 2 minutes (and a mover with you if you need heavy lifting help) to grab 5 things from your home before it morphs into a polka dotted hobgoblin and hops away. What will you take)? (Food/drink/family/friends excluded)

1 All family PETS 5+
2.Family home movies/photos
3.medical /toiletre supplies

You have to paint one quote on your kitchen wall what will it be?
"It is the maids day off, Please clean up your own damm mess!!!"
I'll cheat and put two .... "always keep your words both soft and tender for you dont know when you will have to eat them.":0

What is the one thing you want to accomplished by the end of the year?
learn everything I need to know about blogging/internet /computers so I am no longer the NEWBIE and feel like a doofus!

You are moving to the moon for one year and can only bring one flower with you. What flower will it be? that is a hard quest! I love them all!sunflower I guess , it is very pretty ,it is hardy ,easy to grow and edible tee hee

You just received word that beside the one flower you can bring 5 books. What books would you bring?
1.chicken soup for the Mothers soul.
2. a big thick book of "everything you ever needed to know how to survive on the moon " if it is useless we could burn it for heat !:)
3.medical emergency made simple.
4.Astronomy for Dummies
5.The Velveteen Rabbit(childhood fav.)the newer edition with huge illustrations (I am guess ing we'd have no TV.)

Tagging huhmmmmm that will take time Meow but she sent it , ,,,,,,,well I will get back to that one :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

This is the greeneyed dog from planet earth , Mr. Jack Daniels ,A Damm good Dog 120 lbs of love and protection .

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Scoll Down please


In the words of Winnie the Pooh's friend Piglet
(I Believe it was Piglet ) "OH DEAR!"

I have just had a lovely supper with a dear old friend , old as in friends for a long time! We haven't seen each other for about 18 months as she has moved to a different place ,some 1700 miles away (Sigh*). It was a lovely time , we laughed until we couldn't breathe, talked as girlfriends should , with no holds barred , and giggled of times we shared which we would want not to share with anyone else. Getting to my point , it was a lovely time , except for one little thing ,,,,,,,,she tells me very nonchalantly that she is writing her Memoirs , which is kinda strange as she is only in her late 30's, so I think ,,,,,,,ok ,,,well ,,,,,it may be a neat idea , she says she wants to leave this "life story' for her children after she is gone and again I think nice , they will probably treasure it , I ask if there is anything wrong ,,Oh no not at all , it will just take a very long time to write so she wants to start now , and then she begins to tell me that ever little detail including friends lives will be included .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hold on that was me falling of my seat , I asked her " your going to use psydeumys right ?" NO was her reply ,she is using REAL NAMES , I ask or rather pleaded , uh your not going to talk about our relationships which we talked about or lived in our youth ? YES comes her reply . I am floored , now don't get the wrong idea , I was not a raunchy child of the 80's or whatnot but my first kiss or whatever is private and my personal life is mine to share with whom I want, not hers, understand that she is now alive and does not want her husband to know who she DID or DID NOT DO !
As you know not of who I am referring and nor do my "today's' friends" I can say she was uhhhhhh "friendly" and a lot of the time took the liberty to think everyone was, which I was not,friendly ,,,,,,,in that particular way . I wasn't a prude but in my youth ,that wasn't my scene, today My Hubby is very happy , all that stored up like a chipmunk! LOL. I addressed the topic tactfully and let it be known that her memory , mine and the truth may be three different colours on the same page . Well , she assures me it will all be laughed about and forgotten, I am sure glad Now I was not a SKANK! She'd be writing a long, long time :) I know what I did and did not , but to share it with the world ,,ok her family,,,,I dunnnno , I feel a line is crossed , she knows I object but what can you do ? I just hope she lives a long healthy life and lives to be at least 105 and goes one day before me :) I need time to get that damm book !

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


11:59 Feb 13/06
A big happy Valentines Day to all

May your loved one show you how much you mean to them ,today and always. To all the romantics out there make it special, so what if you don't get diamonds ,roses,trinkets ,,,,,its all about love,,,,your shorting yourself if you don't do at least a little something . And for all the singles ,do something special just for you,,,,why not , we don't even need a day noted for it ,spoil yourself or loved ones .............Life is to short to hesitate

Monday, February 13, 2006

I have had days like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh boy have I ever

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I have just finished the most decadent, delicious out of this world piece of ice cream cake that has ever been eaten.OMG !!!!!t is Home made type with real cream and strawberries in one layer ,french vanilla second layer and oreo cookie crumb center ,DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! This ice cream is independently made by a small store and done by hand and then made into cakes by order. I wish I could share it with you so you wouldn't be thinking, why in the hell is she writing about ice cream! It is almost as good as sex it is that g00d . Only problem is I can feel my hips expand as I am typing! I wish all out there a great up coming week and wonderful things in there lives,, My hubby want me to watch a movie and is dragging me away,,oh well I guess I should go , he is after all the one who bought me the ice cream cake ! I will proably be like the fairy on top of this post in about 15 min zzzzzzzz. ( so full of ice cream)
LOL Love to hear from you take care


Saturday, February 11, 2006

that's about right it is a girl thing, guys just don't understand and I don't mean the monthly occurrences!
Guys!!!!!!!!! hint hint!!!! Valentines day is This Tuesday , show your girl you love her before she loves someone else, I am pretty sure that with most woman a romantic gesture or love token will bring the love back tenfold and get you "Brownie points" if you know what I mean, give a little love to get a little lovin! Most men give love to get sex ,most woman give sex to get love , not always the case, but you can see the point , Men romance the girls and they will be happier and you never know, it might just make you happier *wink wink , remember you only have until Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

anyone out there?

Hello out there in cyber space , if there is anyone reading ,,,,,,,,,,,,,drop me a line ,,love to hear from you ,


Saturday, February 04, 2006

A good Movie

Seen a good movie last night ,some say it is more of a CHICK FLICK
but I watched it with a mixed group and all agreed it was a good movie.....It is called
"In her SHOES"
Starring Cameron Diaz , Shirley McClain, and the girl who starred in Muriels wedding, as Muriel ,,,,,sorry I can never remember her bloody name,(ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME??? APPRECIATE IT AND THANX) although she is a good actress her name doesn't stick to my grey matter???????? It is a life story type film, so it is not ,,,shoot em ,burn em ,killem,,,, etc. but the story is great and acting too , a few giggles along the way. Check it out you may be surprised!
Green EYES

Mother told me there would be days like this !!!! Hope your all doing great, remember ,,KARMA is a real thing,and they say ,,,,,you should always keep your words soft and tender, for you dont know when you just may have to eat them :) have a great one everyone and drop a line:)

He's got the whole worl in his hands he's got.....,,,...,,,...

Guardian angels

May you be blessed by Guardian Angels even if you don't believe :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It is another snow day, yipeh!!!!!!!!! I think my pink bits have retreated and given up for good! The heat is on bust and it is still freezing,we have had a milder than normal winter ,,,,,,,so I am told , but it all feels like the Antarctic to me . It is depressing when you have to dress in bundles of clothes for more than six months a year.....which feels like eight or nine... I wonder how the wildlife feel, maybe the bears are the smartest of us all when it comes to winter at least :)

I hate the damm cold but on this part of the planet we make a sacrifice with cold, long winters,short summers rugged terrain ,for not having catastrophic weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis earth quakes etc and the crime rate here is really low , I guess most of the bad guys cant stand the winters. I love all the fresh air, trees,and living next to the ocean esp in summer ( all 3 min of it :) ) having four seasons is great as well, we have alot but I still cant stand the cold ,,,my pink bits agree, maybe I need someway of keeping them warm all winter, heated bra and panties , hell I want the whole heated snow suit and if I cant have that I'll have to settle for a MAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kidding guys, I' ll take the man over a suit anytime at least my bits wont fall off,,,,,,,I hope !!!!!well at least not from the cold!. have a great one!


A little Karma

Did you ever stop to think what your actions ,no matter how small could affect someone? A person today made me feel rather good by just a small gesture, I am an easy going person but have days where I would like to chew heads off as well as the next guy , but all in all ,I love to laugh in life. Today was an off day , not getting enough Lovin I guess ,but that is a whole different story, Back to my point, as you may know there is a thing in life called Karma , or in other words what goes around comes around. Therefore I wish Karma on this man who helped me today with a very nice compliment and helping me after I fell, I really needed it , you know when you feel blah and are down cause of life/looks/love or all three, well a nice comment from a stranger did me a world of good and I certainly wish him Karma , Good Karma, so to the stranger who said something so sweet it stuck, thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and to all those in the universe who did something to help someone else for no personal gain ,,,may it come back tenfold .........


laugh out loud , its good for you :))))

Thought these little cartoons are cute, the message is not meant for any of my readers, well, maybe one or two including myself have a great day :)