Monday, March 20, 2006


I have a wicked sweet tooth....some one help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ! No no, never mind save your selves, there is no hope .HUmmmmmm do I smell chocolate turtles??????? I'll have just one ,ya ya , that's it , control drooooooooool whoops! ha ha !

Hope you all are having a great day and don't put the sweets to close the screen I may just pop through LOL . I am working on having one butt , laugh I did ! I am as I noted in a past post ,Ok with ME. but am tired of dragging all of me around LOL and so I am trying to cut out some sweets again , whimper whine! anyone out there who has a sweet tooth knows , it is hard , "sugar is my friend ",,,,,that is my other personality talking just ignore it ! It is like the little angel and devil sitting on opposite sides and saying yes/ no etc . Lord give me strength to stay out of the sugar canister ,,,,,,,,last time I left tongue prints.

Laugh out loud in life , even at yourself , it feels really good take care all



Claudia said...

HUmmmmmm do I smell chocolate turtles???????

I feel you, gurl. {lol}

I just recently had a lifestyle change (for the worse) and it caused me to gain 50 plus lbs.

I used to be sooooo active. So it's kind of heart-breaking for me to see the condition that I've let my body slip into :(

Alas, I have vowed (as of last week) to turn shit around and get off my ass and make things happen for myself again. It took alot but I decided I'd rather live. You know?

Anyway, I find that if I just exercise like I used to, I can pretty much eat as I like... including sweets. Derrrr...

Oh yeah, I'll let you in on some stats. Hopefully, someone can relate ;)

I used to be 150lbs, three years ago. Now, I'm 200 (5' 8") and then some lbs. Not much but it's definitely not like it used to be. Before I was 150lbs of muscle, now, with all the inactivity I'm over 200lbs of fat :(

Ummm... okay bye. {lol}

Anonymous said...

I love chocolates too !

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Oh I can relate , it is so hard to take care of ourselves , I dont know why , well I know some of it ,but it seems we put everything in front of ourselves and taking the time to eat right and exersise doesnt happen,then we try ,once shocked into looking at ourselves ,we try to do something about it.everytime I turn on the TV or look at a book etc. its food high calorie food waiting to melt onto my hips . 200 lbs is not too bad , but I guess we have to look at it as not healthy, that muscel will come back , to make you feel better I feel like a ball with fingers and toes most days :0)ughhhhh and I have the metabolism of a hibernating bear. I am active but not enough , genetics was a short end of the stick for me as well but I HAVE ONLY ME TO BLAME for what I eat and when so the challenge is on .......again.
And I hope all is well in the lifestyle change department and becomes (for the better)even if you have to start over a million times..........
never give up !

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

true blue guy
Nice to see you are still around , yes chocolate yum my love hate relationship .
Take care

Autumn said...

Great Blog. I just found you and I will be back for a closer look

Meow said...

I'm gonna be naughty tonight !! My hubby is on night shift, my Chicky is at a friend's for a sleep over, and I'm gonna feed my face and watch TV .... wanna join me. I have a yummy block of Cadbury Dairy Milk just waiting for me to eat it ... wanna share !! I'll worry about the bigger but in the morning, tonight I'm gonna enjoy !!
Take care, Meow

Dick said...

Chocolate is okay but if it is in a mocha then it is great! I probably should cut back on them or at least go to a smaller size. I do order non-fat milk and no whipped cream. Doesn't that count for something?

Claudia said...

I feel like a ball with fingers and toes most days


Thanks for the advice.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

please hold candy bar close to computer when eating , I can at least think I am smelling it , yes I wanna join you , in fact 4 days no sugar I wanna wrestle you for it LOL I hope you enjoy it, I know I would
Take care

Hi Dick
Yes that counts if you had the heavier stuff on all the mochas you drink you would have trouble fitting into your home on wheels ha ha kidding
Hope all is well HI HUGGY

You are most welcome and not really advice just chit chat between cyber friends :)thanks for sharing , and no turtles eaten yet . boy this sucks
take care

Claudia said...

Just give in and eat a pound of 'em. You'll feel better :)