Saturday, April 15, 2006

Things I love

Of course family and friends,,,,, all friends,, cyber , new and old friends


a child's laugh
blues music
sun on my face
looking at a full moon
making a friend laugh
my cooking ,,,anything ,,,yes I am that good (I really am)
getting some sleep (don't get much)
wearing jammies in the daytime around house(on saturday's)

cat purring
sounds of happy conversation at family dinner
the smell of wild roses or lilacs
taste of watermelon on hot day
smell of soap
new undies/socks
smell of bbq cooking
cool fall air deep in my lungs
any holiday that includes family
my man whispering in my ear (not telling what!)
making someone happy
a real good laugh
a good sense of humor
getting a good sale
figuring out something new , computer mainly
taking a great photo/video
snow on Christmas
Decorating for Halloween (Big kid at heart)
movies movies movies

will continue

What I am thankful for


Diane said...

.....And friends! :-)


Love your list. I got tagged by Mary at Owlhaven to do 6 weird things about me. As weird as I am, that shouldn't be too hard, LOL. ;)

Dick said...

That is a good list. I would find most fit me, but I don't cook. Well, I can do Nally's canned chili and Papa Murphy's pizza. And I am not fond of snow, even at Christmas, although it is normally okay in the mountains.

Where do you find all the cute photos of cats? I would think you have found all of them that are available by now but you continue to come up with them. Good job!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

YOur comment s to me were so nice. Thank you!

Andre said...

Hey green,

Great post! I think that it's incredible how we can find pleasure in some of life's simple things. But, ultimately, you were able to sum it all up by being thankful for...well...everything.

I wish that everyone had the same type of spirit that you've evoked through your words. You rock!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Happy Easter Diane,thanks , I would have a hard time to narrow it down to just six ,,,,for me that is ha ha did I getcha???
Take care

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Dick
Happy Easter to you too! hows the hot wheels coming along ? wish they were mine , got to love it:)
I guess you eat out alot so need to cook , I love take out , no work ! but only once in a while it sticks to the girly hips !LOL

I find the kitties everywhere , and get alot from clipart program I have and online stuff , I love kitties esp HUGGY (reminds me of my old ROMEO , looks just like him ,he use to howl alot ,for fun and attention , just like a panther!
Hope you have a safe trip and will be checking to see where we are going next , rub Huggy for me you take care

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

You are so welcome and they are so true , hope your having a happy Easter , enjoy the chocolate , the Easter Bunny said no calories in Easter chocolate , and I believe HER!
Take care

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Andre"
nice to see you come back ,I have been over to your place LOL reading ! will check out when finished this post here tonight.
Thank you very much for the lovely words , made my day ,my greeneyed MAN!!!I try to find happiness in the smallest things , the big ones bring it themselves,like good health, friends ,family, a place to live , food, water ,life , sight, abilities to do whatever , any way I am sure I made a point after that it sounds like blah blah blah hope your well and with family and friends and have those hugs at church that feel so over in a bit ha ha ! take care

Meow said...

Hi Greeneyes ... what a great list ... most of them apply to me, too (particularly "cat purring" !!) ... oh yeah, and EVERYTHING, too !!
Take care, my friend ... Meow xxx

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