Tuesday, May 30, 2006

calling all gardners LOL ;)

The Sun came out today , shining brightly , it was deceiving , it was glorious and warm through the glass almost too hot , and as I opened the patio doors , the wind near ripped and shriveled the skin completely off my bones , yep Atlantic Canada , gotta love it ! Actually I do ,The weather ......Not so much . The fresh air here is almost intoxicating , hopefully it will warm up .
I know spring has sprung , my teeny tiny tree I saved last year has blossomed , I am trying to find out what kind of tree it is besides very pretty. It said it was crabapple but huhmmm I don't know , the little fruit that appeared end of last year look like cherries , long hanging stems with small red round fruit . I am not a complete dumbass ok! so stop laughing , ,,,,,,,I'll wait,,,,,, ok , The tree was a little battered and the man that sold it said he placed the sticker on it cause it fell off , ok , well the tree was pewnie and crooked but I have a thing for plants/trees that need a little help and are not what one would think perfect ,,, anyway ,,,, I am happy it is flowering , it is tiny but survived and it was up to its neck in snow this winter , so now I have to figure for sure what kind of tree it is , or maybie I will just let the tree be a tree . If you have read some of my post you may have read I started a Bonsai tree a small one ,well my cat struck again and while I was away the proverbial cat did play and had a very big salad , she left a minute amout so it may start to grow again,,,,,I always try to be positive but I think it may be a goner :(

I wonder what you are

Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Line Friend I had some free time, so what did I do? I checked the computer to see if I'd heard from you!

I used to walk out to a box to retrieve mail. But I'd rather get it instantly, than wait on the snail!

Checking my blog is always fun! I usually get a joke or greeting from someone.
I feel so blessed because on the other end, I know I've connected with a friend!

When I've had a hard day and need to share, Here I can find a friend who will listen and care.

And to this friend I hope I've let them know That I am always there for them also! Isn't it a strange kind of bond we form? It isn't exactly like the "norm"!

But, where is it written, face to face we must be, For you to be a very good friend to me??

That little joke or note, or just a simple "Hi", Could be like a ray of sunshine from the sky!

So my online pals, this is dedicated to you, For all the smiles you have made anew! May our friendship continue to grow, And the warmth we feel continue to flow!

Always remember this... A smile is such an easy thing to pass along the way, Like a ray of summer sunshine, On a somewhat gloomy day!!

Thank you for being my Online Friend!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

20 questions

This 20 questions is from Meows Blog http://wolfgirlkitty.blogspot.com/
As always , take it with a grain of salt , and a grin :)

1. Choose one: Popcorn, Pizza, Pretzels, Peanuts, or Pasta.yes , yes, yes, no thanks allergic !!!and yes ,,,ok just one :Pretzels

2. Describe your personality in terms of a particular vehicle.
A Ford 4WD:.dependable,trustworthy ,has its quirks,
built for comfort, and keeps on going when things get tough:)

3. If you won a shopping spree, from which store would you want it to be? Could it be the CAR store ? or if not the Electronics /camera/computer shop ,a really, really good one .

4. Which television show re-runs do you enjoy watching?Sex in the city , Raymond ,All in the family , Little house , touched by an angel ,,,,If only I had the time :)

5. If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million?As far ahead to see how we can solve all our problems now and for the next 2000 years . OK I know ! but wouldnt it be wonderful to find a worm hole , and totally understand quantum physics to be able to go through there , AGAIN , I KNOW !next question :)

6. About how many times per day do you check your email?sometimes 0 {too busy} ,,,,sometimes 6 or 7 , I have a few so it gets busy .

7. If you had the money to collect something really valuable, what would it be? Hummers

8. If you could be on a game show, which one would you want it to be?Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? or the old Lets make a deal just for fun!

9. Name 3 computer programs or web sites you would hate to be without.Norton Anti Virus Software,,,, bloggingfriends blogsites,
my emails.

10. Name one chore you don't really mind doing.Laundry , I do enough of it it is like blinking now so I dont mind it at all {most times}

11. How many times have you moved homes in your life?at least a dozen or more , still counting , ! I'll round it off there .no I am not a Nomad!

12. How old were you when you had your very first kiss?a few minutes old , MY MOMMY !!!!! LOL lets see ,I think I was 10 or 11 , spin the bottle was all the rage HEHE.

13. What time of day do you usually feel your best?Day ? who said anything about day? Now night is a different thing , , I am a chronic night owl .Hence not liking the AM so much:)

14. Using three words or less, describe your current local weather.COLD COLD and COLD , did I mention it is cold here tonight

15. Have you ever seen a ghost or an angel?yes , you probably already have your own opinions but yes , My Paternal Grandmother , in my house , 20 minutes before she passed away in Hospital, I guess she was both , to me at least .I got there "in time" beacause of that . (be nice commenting now people it was my Grandma)

16. What is your favorite board games?Yahtzee, battleship,trivia pusruit

17. What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?" Missing America ", I think it is called that, new out this week , Danny Glover is in it and whats her face , oh ya , Linda Hamilton (she was in the Terminator (now we are going back a bit !)
and basically any sappy sad part of any movie, I am bawlin , soft hearted is an understatement , you will never cry alone in my presence !

18. What would you do if you had 3 months off from your job?Sleep , yep no typo S>L>E>E>P ZZZZZZZZZZguess who is sleep deprived :)I know NIGHT OWL DUH!

19. What kind of shoes are you wearing today? Navy open back strapless stiletto pumps , hahahahahahahahahah try NO stilettos !!!, but the rest , trying to break em in for upcoming event :)ouch!

20. What is a word that your family uses that would not be considered common? We have many of them from where I come from ,LOL ,,,lets see
1.woebegone 2.skoww'ish 3.mightapin 4.frogzilla

Well if you didnt sign off or click the page , fall asleep , thanks for reading LOL . If you are through laughing , how about doing it yourself , would love to read anyone else's answers, come on give it a try :) come on ,
I will read it , promise :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Laundry 101 meow

Yes this is one of mine and yes I know it is dangerous , I do not allow her in there but every time I turn my back while doing laundry she roosts into the warm clothes every chance she gets ,she has since a kitten , we have to watch for her every load we turn on , we have tried scaring her out of it, coaxing her out , everything but she even hisses and scratches when you try to take her out ,I turned here to check the washer and in she came running and snuggled in , {sigh }, not to mention cat hair , I usually have to do the clothes over
{ sigh again} , but I am more concerned for her , but there hasn't been an accident yet , hopefully never will, she gets all affectionate while I fold warm clothes as well, wish I could train her to do the laundry , she'd run away from it then I bet !!!!!!!!!LOL

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hope everyone is having a great weekend , may God and his angels watch over you all , and may you have a wonderful time doing whatever you like , me I am hunting for shoes , what a exciting time :)LOL
Take care

Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh Dear Lord Please Help me , I have been asked to Stand at a relatives wedding , and the worst I have been quilted into accepting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Usually I am not to bad at these things but this is a Quicky wedding - wait,let me make that clear , a quickie in that it is happening in a short time , a couple weeks away , the couple both in the Army finally got a date they both are off , congrats to them ,I am sooo happy for them , but it is a poofy dress for me , I seen it , I truly believe that maid of honor/bridesmaid dress'es are picked so to make the bride more beautiful by making the rest of the party silly ! It is the Bride/Grooms day and as I said in my last post , it is not the clothes or the hair that makes a woman .

It may seem like I am nasty , I hope not ,I am not that evil , I am a distant relative and not that close and have only a couple weeks to prepare , girls understand , hair ,shoes etc ,,,oh well , DA DA `DA` DA , here comes the Br.................... ,BUT ,,,,I hope it has a hell of a good bar ! I will have to bump up my twice a year drinks to three:) tee hee

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Beauty Of A Woman
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
Or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a womanWith passing years -- only grows!
~Author Unknown~

Monday, May 15, 2006

I think this Kitty was at my computer while I was away, someone was and they did not know what they were doing !arrrrrggggg , and no one will fess up ! well I am grateful my blog and friends blog are still accesssable . Hope everyone is well , I must go , still loads of unpacking, washing, snail mail opening, computer FIXING and I am on a break from cleaning and redecorating three fish tanks ! one 50 gallon ,one 30 gallon, and one 20 gallon , boy for small creatures they are messy , but my feeling on it is , if you are going to have them ,you have to keep them clean and healthy, this goes for all our beloved pets, keep them clean healthy and happy just like US! well most of us tee hee!!! I am almost caught up on my blog reading , I find not blinking saves a lot of time LOL ,,,,,can ya tell I dont wanna let go of the keyboard !!!!!!!!! well I better , I have to clean the tanks , water and keyboard dont mix .:)

Well time has certainly gone by , I haven't even seen a computer for over three weeks and almost screamed a few times , I missed all my blogging buddies , new friends and emails etc , you get the picture . I have been reading for some time now today ,trying to catch up with everyone , Thank you all for your sweet words , it was really wonderful to come home , turn on to my blog and see people didn't just forget about me . I was thrilled and emotional all the same time ,,,,,,, did I mention I am a "GIRL" and very soft hearted ,LOL,,, it did my tired heart good to see all your posts , so thank you , each and every one of you , it made my whole week.!
It was a long journey in all aspects of the word, a mixture of hard work and elation, every end of the human spectrum of emotion , has been felt .
A very good outcome in the end , hard to make some ones spine who is somewhat shaped like a corkscrew fit into the format for the masses , I have learned much , and shared a few lessons as well . Anyone who has seen the inside of Hospitals / Rehab s knows why I have been gone for so long , like I said to " ALEX"
http://alexxemak.blogspot.com/ Snails zip on past , but I am grateful for all that has come from it, so edure it , I would again! well it is late , I am still packed and really should get things done ,,,,,,,,,,,,but I think I will read some more , next blog please tee hee . Take care everyone and God Bless , Thanks again, it means so much :) night all :)