Monday, June 19, 2006

This above kitty pic is copmliments of my friend Diane from Arkansa Thanks Diana HUGS

I guess I should put the chocolate away it is swim suit time , oh goodie :( HAHA chocolate wins everytime} . I am sitting here with a Harley Davidson Bandanna on , my long straight dark chestnut hair out the back and a white wife beater shirt and shorts and a fan blowing at me full force and I caught a glimpse of myself . OMG the fan blowing the hair , I look like I am rididng a Harley LMAO. I wish !
I am usually low maintance , I like to look nice but clean is a must , today was one of those days where you look blahhhhh and you get company !The heat has kicked in over here [thanks Meow] you can have some back LOL.It was 30 c in shade , we dont get alot of that but who knows with the greenhouse gases . I like the heat but not too much ,beats winter hands down :}

Anyway I was cleaning , really gutting the place and with the heat and moving and scrubbing etc the dogs start and I know its someone at the door .I love people , have many friends and family and I love each and everyone of them but come on , give a GIRL a hint your coming if you can ,,,,,please . Did I mention it was hot ! and I was cleaning !!!!!!!!, I was moving furniture to shampoo under it and the works ,well I wanted to hide but said to myself "self , answer the door , it may be someone you wanna see ".
Well it was but I did not feel the same all huffing and "glowing" and smelling like lemony mr.clean and Javex bleach , I would have rather it been a wisp white musk and soft scented soap but ya get what ya get when you come un announced ':} The visit was lovely and giggly and fun , I just have a thing about having a chance to prepare for company.
So if your reading this please dont think bad of me and ,I just like to be fresh and clean and if you are thinking of dropping in great , just dont be offended if I talk to you through the shower curtain. ;0}. and how was your day ?????????


Anonymous said...

you seem like such a cool gal:0)

Cleaning, all I really use around the house is diluted bleach and even them I am a complete fume freak and open every window in the house! lol tell the kids to stay back!! lol..don't breath!

Sounds like summer is cooking at your place,ours is simmering!
It is only a matter of time before I too will be dressed like a biker ,sitting in with a fan blowing through my hair only I will be singing Born to be wild !! LOL
okay, you keep your nose and mouth covered while doing all of your cleaning so to not pass out from the fumes k? lol keep pets outside!

great to actually connect with you through a lengthly post!!!
be back soon;)
Thanks for sharing ~

green eyed girl on planet earth said...
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green eyed girl on planet earth said...

what a great message , nice to see you here ! I know what ya mean about the fumes , the animals are all outside enjoying the breeze and I am sweating like a DOG hehe! I know when I have to use raid , not often but the smell is flowery and I cant stop smelling it thinking , this is bad this is soooo bad LOL

I will sing born to be wild with ya , LMAO I cannot sing a note but it doesnt stop me :}is hot there hey ?I have an extra bandanna :} we are usually late but I am glad it is warm , just the house keeping stuff sucks ! and when I use bleach again I will be thinking of you ,haha ,singing born to wild ! but holding your hand over your mouth LMAO , nice chattin
take care

Diane said...

Hey, Green Eyes, I have this great mental pic of you in your bandanna, wife beater and shorts with the fan blowing on you!!It was in the mid-90's F. here today. I don't know what that translates to in C, or what 30C translates to in F, but it is sho' 'nuff hot, I do know that, LOL. I have all sorts of housekeeping chores calling my name but so far I'm ignoring it. I'll have to do it soon or the Dept. of Health will shut us down, LOL! Well, it's not quite THAT bad. ;-)

As for my day, I cooked a beef roast, potatoes and gravy for lunch, and my sister, Cecil, ate with me, then we piddled away the afternoon here on the puter. I showed her your pics from the cabin and she loved them! Then I had a ladies meeting at church tonight and just got back about 10 pm and came straight to the puter to blog and catch up on what I missed while I was gone.

I enjoyed the glimpse into your life, Green Eyes. Hope you got your housework done. ;-)

Dick said...

I doubt your visitor noticed your appearance but if she did I'm sure she just knew that you had been house cleaning. That is quite a photo Diane sent you. I wonder if it was posed or they had laid down that way on their own. Kittens sure can be cute. Just find a way to bottle some of that heat to turn loose next winter when you would appreciate a bit extra.

Meow said...

Hey Greeneyes ... do you wanna come here and do my cleaning ... sounds like you do it better than me !!! I was cleaning today, too ... I found the floor in my spare room, I'd forgotten what the carpet looks like. FOrtunately tomorrow is rubbish pick up day, as the bins are reeeeaaaally full. It's amazing how much junk one collects !!! I'm cooking a yummy roast chook, roast spuds, honeyed carrots, peas and corn. Hubby will be home in about 1/2 an hour, Chicky has a friend over. It is school holidays, I had the backyard full of kids all day ... noisy little buggers, they are, but they were having so much fun.
I love the sound of how you were dressed for cleaning ... too cool !! HOpe the heat isn't getting too you ... feel free so send some back. It has been a glorious winter's day ... blue sky and sunshine. The nights and mornings are very icy, though. Oh well, it could be worse. I've got my parents over for dinner tomorrow night, then Thursday night Chicky has 2 friends over for a sleep-over ... OMG, what have I got myself in for.
Anyway, friend, gotta go.
Have a great day / night / evening ... whatever it now is.
Take care, much hugs, Meow xx

Marcus said...

Hi G.E.G

I love your photos, the beach and sunsets look awesome.

Thanks for the warning about dropping in unannounced, I'll bear that in mind.
I like unexpected visits, both as visitor and visitee, but I'm seldom up to my neck in cleaning fluids!

Your weekend with friends sounded GREAT, made me wish I was there, and I don't even know you!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment you wrote at my blog Green Eyes!You are a cool human!

And come see the new pics I posted of a little birds nest I found in my hanging basket today!too cute!

keep in touch:)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane
You can come help me clean LOL
I keep cleaning but the mess comes back arggggggg but thats life I guess .
How nice you showed you SIS the pics , I wish I had a SIS , boo hoo !:}
sounds like you have a good dinner yummy , a hot meal on a hot day , must have been hot in your place and I dont mean the fun kind (was that bad of me :} )The weekeknd is clean fridge day yipehh!for me its all about a Saturday night here LMAO thanks friend

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Dick
I am not ususally that perturbed with surprised visitors b ut you can imagine the mess I was in , I loved the visit and would have been sad not to have seen them but was all sticky etc and blah at least I smelled Lemony!
It is a cute pic , I say it was posed , wonder is Huggy would pose with others hehe,I bet you could have taken that pic , you are really good
Hugs for Huggy

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Meow my Queen
Your carpet that you havent seen in awhile hehe , my basement is like that , cant remember what part of the floor was covered in what LOL.I swear if there were Hobbits living in there , we wouldnt know it
Sounds like you are making a yummy dinner , I'll be over in about 20 min , that would give you a little notice to wash up from peeling spuds LMAO.Huummmmmmm honey carrots dont think Ive made those before , maybe we call em something else ?
Sounds like your having handfuls of fun , good stuff ,lots of work for mommy though , but it is what life is all about , nice to hear kids giggle isnt it LOL.
Yep my housecleaning outfit is not a french maid it is a biker chick hahaha , not my regular day to day frock but it GETS MY MOTOR RUNNIN hehehehehehehehe
Your friend

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Marcus and welcome,
Nice to see you here , I love getting posts , and you are welcome anytime HAHA yep I was up to my neck in Mr clean and bleach, dressed like a biker (far removed from my reality LOL)
I love company just a woman likes to be tidied up ya know :}
Thanks for the nice comments , we had a marvelous time , loved your site by the way ,lovely family , take care

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Tab
I was over to look at your eggs already before reading this ,cool , so nice to be around nature isnt it . I think your a awesome lady yourself ,take care and yes keep in touch :}