Saturday, January 27, 2007


I feel like Alice in wonderland , As if I fell into a rabbit hole and everything is strange .

I do not remember taking any pills to make me small or another to make me bigger but confusion is my companion just the same . I have changed over to the fabulous new type blogger , although I may look the same I assure you all is not . For a couple weeks I was trying to change the format and it would not let me as it stated "you waited to long to drag your sorry butt over ,now we don't want cha !....Actually it read something like they have enough and will be accepting again soon .GREAT I thought "FULL" it took me some time to figure out this as there was no direction or notice ,I found out through going into the guts of the info part of the TOUR.

And low and behold , I come online tonight (late as always) and see a note that I can change over ,with no fuss and muss and that they would even save a copy of my template for me in case , in case of what I have no idea but in case ! so I press the magic button which led me here ,where I have been tangled and weaving ever since , ,it didn't save a copy of my template , good thing I did (THANK YOU MEOW) anyway even with the template, it ate up and made a mockery out of my already struggling for life BLOG . A couple hours after ,I am trying to post and the picture up- load is giving me indefinite numbers of the same picture , before I can press done it is duplicating itself , OH DEAR , But it is not me ,it is BLOGGER,this I KNOW for sure but am not sure if anyone else had this problem or if anyone Else's Blog stayed exactly the same look?This brown wrap could drive a girl ,Pink or lavender or yellow , but BROWN , it stayed the same even if everything else didn't . Well at least I have it all in place and working (she says trying to reassure herself )and hopefully when I sign in it will still be here all Brown and waiting for me .

It is 4:02 AM and I give up before I throw this keyboard over the snowbank (which is HUGE right now , we are having another storm (OH GOODY LOL)well if you don't hear from me ever again ,I am lost somewhere in blogger ville inside my computer trying to get out , wish me luck ;0)


Monday, January 22, 2007

SUNDAY started:

My dear sweet friend Diane ,
sent this to me via email , not surprising ,a lot of my answers were like hers ,,,I thought it would make a good post , I may have answered some of these before , sorry for any repeating , and as always ,I dont follow the rules exactly!!!! and give more answers than asked but , thats me , as always take it all with a little humour . Thanks Diane .
It is a tad long so feel free to scroll LOL and I hope someone else does it so I can read it on their blog .
Here it goes , pack a lunch LMAO..

1. What time did you get up this morning?
went to be 4 am got up 730 am ,went back till 9 am ahhhh sleep ,sweet sweet sleep .

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds. they are SPARKLY, I am not much into jewelry , but it is all perty!

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? (that you enjoyed)I added last part in there .

Passions of the Christ ,,if I had known it was all subtitled I would have sat closer , enjoy it , very sad .

4. What's your favorite TV show? CSI ,law and order,House,ER uhhhhh it is a toss up .

5. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Well technically it was brunch,,,,,Bacon-crispy, egg,over easy,Toast,apple juice ,,it is Sunday after all ,tee hee .

6. What's your favorite cuisine? Mexican or Chinese, or Italian , I am so wishy washy , it depends on my Tummy and who is cooking . ;-)

7. What foods do you dislike?
Food allergies = dislike , but other than that squid!!!or Cala marie` you may call it , Pea soup,any organ meats ,liver, heart ,gizzards ,brain etc or fish Chitlins or peas (eggs and sperm of fish ) . Excuse me while I shake all the images of these foods out of my head

8. What is your favorite chip flavor? Nacho Cheese Doritos, Miss Vickies sea salt and vinegar kettle style , sour cream and onion ,Tostitos and salsa . Good thing I dont eat any often , now chocolate Hmmmmm thats different , but you are what you eat , so I should be sweet LOL , corny , I know !

9. What's your favorite CD at the moment?
A mix of songs , Some blues , and some rock .

10. What kind of car do you drive?

11. Favorite sandwich?
These food ones are hard to choose , uhhhhm A ruben , Smoked meat on rye with MUSTARD ,Bacon tomato , or bacon, fried onion and cheese ,haven't had that in a long time , my heart needs to last me a while ! I like the Philly cheese steak or just steak sand on a bagette or ,or or ,,,,,, I know it is suppose to be one !

12. What characteristics do you despise?
Cruelty ,bullying , deceitfulness ,conceit,ignorance ,judgesmental ,

13. What is your favorite type of clothing?

Comfie Jammies , or jeans and Tshirts (perty Ones though LOL) although I wear all kinds of everything .

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation?

Australia, Arkansas , Michigan, and then to Italy , Ireland and then Hawaii .

.15. What colour is your bathroom?
Ivory and Forrest green with (pink rosettes ,tiny ) accent tile .Wood flooring .

.16. Favorite brand of clothing?
Not particular , except quality , like it to fit and wear well , not into name tags ,if I like it ,I like it .!

17. What happened to this question???!!Don't know , so I will make one up , how tall are you ,
around 5'2".That is on agood day and in heels maybe 5'6" but that is not often .!

18Favourite time of the day?
I am a night owl , but real early morn when it is all quiet and the world hasn't started waking up yet , just peace and no traffic and no phones , peacefull.

19. What was your most memorable birthday?

everyone I have in memorable , hopefully they will continue to be as I get older LOL.
One of my fav is my sweet 16 I was allowed to have a mixed boy/girl party , it was so kewl at the time even if my parents were home was had by all .

.20. Where were you born? In a Hospital in Canada ;0)

21. Favorite sport to watch?
Figure skating ,football ,Boxing and kick boxing .

22. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?
uh ME LMAO .

23. Person you expect to send it back first?

Once again, ME LOL

.24. What fabric detergent do you use? Lemon Sunlight with Bleach , Tide with Bleach .

25. Were you named after anyone? Yes... A song from the 50's My Father was a big fan AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,(pulling out hair ) of Buddy Holly's.

26. Do you wish on stars?
Yes , when they come out esp at the cabin , it is a different sky down there , the complete lack of city lights and next to the water , the moon hanging low in summer , it is like you could lay down and reach them .

...27. When did you last cry?
Friday night , watching "Moll Flanders" movie , with Morgan freeman , Robin Wright penn and Stockard Channing ,there are many variations of this movie , this one I like best .. I have seen it a few times , I really like it but some parts get me every time , I am such a soft hearted sook !

28. Do you like your handwriting? not at all but Diane does,, HAHA funny she thought of hers what I exactly thought of mine .

.29. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Yes,indeedie ;0).

30. Are you a daredevil?
Not at all , I am a little chicken but would go to extremes to keep my "loved ones "safe , in a heart beat

31. How do you release anger?

I cry , write or pick a fight to vent , then feel bad for picking a fight , it is mad I tell ya !

. 32. Where is your second home? ?? unless the cabin counts ,it is like a little house LOL and is just a little drive away from me right now.

33. What were your favorite toys as a child?
A jump rope, barbies , easy bake oven , dolls , roller blades ,bike .

.34. What was your favorite class in High School?
Science, Health ,choir and Home Ec. in that order ,,,,again I know it asks for one , what can I say :0).

35. Do you use sarcasm a lot? who ME , nah never !!!!

36. Favorite movies? so many , I devour them and have many favorites in many types , lets see , Narrated ones like Shawshank redemption , green mile, fried green tomatoes , murder in the first , Moll flanders , etc etc others,,

the Gift
eye for an eye
Primal fear
Just cause
the notebook
Franky and Johnny
Sea of Love
Dangerous liaisons
The client
a time to kill
a walk in the clouds
mouse house
YAYA sisterhood
steel magnolias ,
Lion King
a christmas carol
the juror
the killing fields
mississippi burning


I really could go on and on and into different categories but , I must finish this meme. ;0) If you have hung in there this long I promise it will soon be over with LMAO.......

37. What are your nicknames?

Greeneyes ,sweetness , Miss G .Greeneyed Queen

.38. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Sometimes, sometimes not.

39. Do you think that you are strong?Physically, yes fairly . Emotionally and spiritually, YES.

.40. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Pralines and creme ,maple walnut or vanilla soft seve

41. What are your favorite colors?The jewel colors...ruby, emerald, amethyst, etc. I like them all !!

42. Who do you miss the most? My Grandparents especially POPPY F.

.43. Do you want everyone to whom you sent this, to send it back? not sending it, but hope someone else reads and fills it out .

44. What colour pants are you wearing?
JAMMIES , pink with fury kitties sleeping , nice and warm .

.45. What are you listening to right now? the sound of the washer and a mixed CD.The song "Aint No sunshine when shes gone " is playing at this moment

.46. If you were a CRAYON what colour would you be?
I would take a piece from all of them and be a rainbow !!!

47. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My Dad XOX

.48. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Are we lying here or ???LOL well I love eyes as they say they are the door to the soul , but I would have to say IF they smile alot .

!49. Favorite Drink? Apple juice , root beer the real hard stuff!.

50. Do you wear contacts? Nope not yet thank GOD! may have to after reading this LOL

51. Favorite Day of the Year? Christmas Day.

52. Scary Movies or Happy Endings? Happy Endings.the world is scary enough for me , give me a good old happy ending , where everyone is alive and in love , ahhhhh , I know I live in a different world .LOL

53. Summer or winter? summer, fall actually but it wasn't there tee hee .

54. Hugs OR Kisses?Definitely plenty please !

55. Favourite dessert?Sex in a pan, Jimmi chonga cheese cake and Homemade cheesecake.

56. What's On Your Mouse Pad? A pic of my princess , had it made from a photo .

57. What Did You Watch Last night on TV? local News ,CNN news.

58. Michael Jackson or Kirk Franklinnone.?
for me, , next please .....

59. What's the furthest you've been from home?
Buffalo New York ,USA .A real Jet setter I am aren't I !!!(see question #35 , I really am !!!!!!)

60. When is the last time you have been to church?
Christmas time , But God is always in my heart .

well in the words of porky pig "Tha ,,tha,,, tha,,, that's all folks "

I am of to bed to perchance dream a little dream , hope it is a good one .
Have a great day/night . ;0)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend , fill me in on what you are doing if you get time , I am just riding out this storm ,hope the power doesn't go out , the wind is banging at the door and it is freezing out , wonderful Friday night ! Wonderful wicked weather ! I wonder what it cost to fly to Bahama'a for the winter LOL !

God Bless and say a prayer if you believe in it , for anyone who is sleeping outside anywhere where it is cold , I thank God , for all I have ,and never take it for granted for a single minute .

Thursday, January 18, 2007

And a one and a two and a three and a four !!!!!!!!!!!
View out my window today side window facing driveway , it is cold cold cold , I need something to warm me up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Blueberry Daze Indeed! a good thing I do not drink , well maybe twice a year I have a couple socials , above is approxiamately 1/3 of what I made of BLUEBERRY wine , made with real blueberries non of this packaged stuff . The last pic is of the label I made for it ,from a photo and a painting put together. It all went over well and I have been told it has" MULE LIKE A KICK " I believe it was meant as a kick like a mule , but that was after the bottle lay empty so who knows !'hahahaha taste great but is higher than wine should be (ALOT) this is not done on purpose , the berries and sugars etc and specific gravity control it is all factors which can be hard to control . well it is between wine and moonshine LOL but everyone said they love it so not all is lost . As you can see alot of mess it makes and alot of work ,especially in a cramped work space but my Dad really loves it , and I really LOVE MY DAD :0)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mr Jack Daniels , J.D. for short , loves the snow ,we have a hard time to get him in when it has fresh snow on the patio , other times he loves in in the house . He hasn't been feeling so great these days ,he is almost 12 years old but acts like a pup most of the time . He is the BEST dog ever.



He has been groomed and his tail which is really full is chopped down alot ,he is not impressed ! I made a deal ,as long as he swept the long dangly doggie fur twice a day he could keep it !!! LOL the other doggies get groomed as well so he doesn't feel that bad .LOL

Silly Questions Meme


1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

my hair is in some mess,bed head big time !

2. How much cash do you have on you?

uh well I am in my Jammies ,sooooooooo uh , well if you mean in my purse , about a couple hundred or so .

3. What's a word that rhymes with door?war, sore , core ,floor before ,madador ,,,,,,,sorry couldn't stop myself !

4. Do you label yourself? Nope , not seriously anyway , as I deal with people with disabilities , I tend not to like labels for people ,they can box one into thinking they are what they are called.Nicknames or fun names , I use them all the time as to recall names I am always nervous I will say the wrong one , so it is ncik names sometimes .

5. Bright or dark room?Depends on what I am doing ,(evil grin)

6. Why is there always a missing question? If there is ,is a cousin to the missing link?

7. What does your watch look like? OK hold back the gasps , I do not wear one , I have a few in a jewl box but never wear one , and funny thing is , I am always asking someone what time it is ,,,strange things indeed !

8. What were you doing at midnight last night?Laundry and prep work for today's meal ,fried chicken , and three types of salad, tomorrow , stuffed red peppers,yum !

9. Where is your nearest 7-11? We do not have 7-11's here, we have similar convience stores or corner stores,same sorta thing ,I know ,,,,,,small city,,,, country mouse .

10. What is a word you say a lot?"WHY" others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,more colorful ,wink wink !

11. Who told you he/she loved you last? My Father , ahhhh he melts my heart :}

12. Last furry thing you touched?uhmmmmm getting personal here arent we ???? let me see ,the dogs chewy toy,yuck ,,,,furry and icky!

13. How many rolls of film do you need developed?I use a digi camera now but have some rolls that are in desperate need of going in the shop , there is about 20 of them ,,,,can I spell procastinate !!!!I think soooo.

14. Favorite age you have been so far? what I am now ! Uh Uh nope ! not tellin .

15. Your worst enemy?my wicked sweet tooth

16. What is your current desktop picture?I change it often but right now it is My Father out in a boat , in front of a large mountain, taken from shore with a big zoom lens , from our cabin .

17. What is the last thing you said to someone?God Bless .

18. The last song you listened to?Come away with me ,,,Nora Jones .

19. What time of day were you born? Morning , It has been the only time I was an early morn person , I believe I am nocturnal,,, but come to think of it I cried then when they woke me up LOL.

20. What do you say when a vending machine steals your money?,,,LordthunderingeewhizfrigenstupidmachineatemymoneywhyIoughta,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

21. Do you consider yourself kind?Yes , most definitely ,unless your a money eating vending machine !!!LOL

22. What's your life motto?Karma Baby, karma!Be the best person you can be .....and keep your words both soft and tender as you never know when you may have to eat them!

23. Name three things you have on at all times...I am a true Gemini, It varies greatly outside of deodorant ,and even the kind of deodorant varies . SO NADA !

24. Can you change the oil in a car?,I can check levels and fill brake fluids , top up the oil, transmission fluid and anti freeze , windshield wash,check the air in the ti res and could change a fan belt if stranded on the highway , ,,,,,,,,a pair of pantyhose comes in handy for that if stuck to get to help !!! (IN older cars/trucks anyway) ,I am looking for half points here !!!LOL HAHAHHAHAH

25. When was the last time you wrote a letter on paper and mailed it?Couple weeks ago , Put in with a Christmas card ,,,,some people this day and age do not have the net , can ya believe it !!! still use snail mail ! I do anyway , I think everyone likes getting mail from snail mail as long as it is not a BILL!

Well that's all folks , Have yourself a great day/night , remember life is short , enjoy every single minute ,GOD BLESS ;0)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ahhhhhh , everyone loves to cuddle sometimes well ,,,,,,,, almost everyone .

Hope everyone out there is feeling great and having a wonderful start to the new year , it is about 3:10 am here and it is around 4 c or about 39 F! chilly yes but it is usually freezing here and blustery and snow galore , hahahah it is raining so hard right now the patio is cleared of snow , Y E S !!!!!

I was going to shovel it off tomorrow, but now have free time to do the fishy tanks and might kick back and watch a movie . Usually when I watch a movie I am doing laundry , fluff and fold with eyes on screen , then pause change over to dryer , or cooking or whatever , I do not miss any of it but to sit and actually stay seated while it is on for the duration , well it may seem unimportant to some but I am going to relish in it .Pass the popcorn please , extra butter !!!

Hhhhhmmmmmmm, now what to watch , I see alot of movies ,have a good collection and rent many , choices choices , haha anyone see anything great lately?

Well I am wishing everyone a good night/morn and hope everyone has a great Sunday , and if you can, cuddle! Nightie night