Thursday, June 28, 2007

A good friend of mine sent me this in an email , ahem!I know she spends more time on comp than me ,so I will take it all in stride , but it is cute just the same .Remember all in fun and the Author is unknown to me ,so if it is yours speak up ;0)

Day in and day out

Better be careful what you do

It's traveling around the world

The "Internet Spread" will catch up with you

Many years ago... before the computer came around

This ailment called"Internet Spread"

was nowhere to be found

Now from morning to night

People are there...You know where....

In front of computers sitting on a chair

That chair will do it to you every time

You know what I have found

It'll make your bottom really round

You can try to sit a little more

to the left or a little more to the right

Instead of just flat

That still won't keep your backside firm and tight

I guess you can stand for a while

Like an hour or two

Then the muscles back there drop Yep...

that's just what they do

This is what happens

It all goes saggy

Next thing you know

you got a fanny that's baggy

This is the truth

If it's something you dread

Don't sit in front of the computer all day /night

Or you'll get "Internet Spread"!

HHHHHmmmmmm , I think I will stand while typing from now on LOL

geeeeeshhh , cant have fun anywhere anymore LOL

Have a great day and stand while reading the next blog or two , who knows it may help LOL

Friday, June 22, 2007

A little R&R

I am off to the cabin, can you blame me it looks like this , wish you all could join me ,fresh air fun and friends great combo who could ask for anything more LOL
I have been a naughty blogger lately , just cant get enough time in the day , will reply to all , as I love each and every comment ,so thank you all .
Hope you all have a blessed and happy weekend and find something fun to do with someone you LIKE HAHA

Ps. anyone wondering ,Little Emily is doing much better and back to her normal self , thanks f0r all the kind words for her . WOOF WOOF !LOL
See you when I get home .

Monday, June 18, 2007

I am back from shopping , LOL ,, I bought alot of "Stuff" I do not need ,some clothes and gadgets , I like gadgets for the computer ,one gadget is a new web cam , my old one is a little grainy and the new one is a much better one(I keep telling myself that I need it LOL),

now I just have to hook it up and program all the gadget thingys it comes with ,pretty simple just have to find the time ,it was a cinch to put it on the laptop , but with this one , uh ,lets just say there is moving that has to be done LOL, guess I can get the stray dust bunny that got away from me last week while I'M setting it up ,might as well clean and disinfect under there too and re organize my cords and cables and .......My life just snowballs , sigHHHHHHHHH!

Funny how life is , I do not use the web cam a great deal but thought If I had a better quality one I would , hence the purchase .(still convincing self)...then sitting and watching our local news, a segment came on about a man who (On the mainland) bought a web cam and used it for a bit and was unsatisfied, he returned it to the place he bought it ,a computer/office supply store (large chain) and a little while later he was receiving emails from his old web cam of a family living somewhere in Nova Scotia . It seems some of his personal tweaking of the old web cam with his personal info for sending video via email was not erased . The webcam was resold without checking it , the store blames the previous owner ,and vice versa , No one seems to know how it happened yet ???UHHHH OK!!!.The people who bought the returned and repackaged web cam did not know(apparently)what live feed was being sent via Internet. HHHHmmm I guess it is buyer beware isn't it ,and people think I am paranoid on the web with personal info , hahaha.

At least this new web cam I have purchased has a lens cover and lets you know if it is on or not , but just to be on the safe side I think I will fix my hair before trying it LOL .
Smile everyone you don't know who is looking LMAO
Have a great Day "B'ys" .
B`ys. is slang for a group of people not only boys !!!, or as in one person , it would be ei: yes `By` , or whaddayaat b`y ?...
anyway nuff said !

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am going shopping , do I need anything ????Hhhmmm, cant think of it right now , but I am still going shopping!

It is nice and warm outside with a cool breeze , and I have caught up on things that I can do at present time so , I 'm off to go shopping .

(waiting for something to happen to change my plans ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

no phone ringing , no beeper,,,,,,,,,,,,HHHHmmmmm ,, I'm free , as a bird .

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone reading this but sometimes my life gets super busy and time for me evaporates , so off I go , without a list and just ponder ,,,if I am not back in a week , I found a terrific sale ....LOL

Have a great day everyone and try to find even the tiniest things to be happy about , your life will be better because of it . SMILE ;0)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The smell of the Summer breeze brings with it memories

A I drove past a young couple maybe still in their teens , I ponder thoughts of a new romance budding in the summer , a summer of first for many ,for many things,for young or old .
I see a boy walking a girl home and the feel of the newness of bonding with someone , the anticipation of coming to the front door , what to do ,it is all new and to fleeting .As I drive I think about how this memory for them as years go by will come into play ,will it be a compass or a stone in the heart , as I see the girl throw her head back in laughter , the young man takes her shoe and ties it for her ,then takes her hand and kisses it . This renews my faith in romance , as I thought it on life support in this day and age .They do not seem to mind the chill of the night and as I see them in my rear view , their happiness in this moment of time is frozen , with them seeing only each other .
This does my heart good

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chasin Squirrels ,,,,BAAAAAAADDD!

Warning : Picture of stitches ahead , if squeamish , look away LOL

Meet Emily, she is a devoted , mild ,Timid , gentle ,loving Dog ,
we love her so much
My Mom is holding her in this picture
she was groomed for the summer , she usually has long blond fur like


She doesn't like being groomed but loves the outcome it keeps her cool in the summer months , Girlz love a makeover !well she ruined her new doo! LOL Poor Emily !!!!

This is what chasing squirrels can get you , she must have ran under neath the old torn off decking at the cabin with huge nails in it ,no one seen her do it and she never made a noise not a peep !!!!! Trying to catch the squirrel!We didn't know if the squirrel and her fought ?? but the cut is not a bite ! If it is I don't want to meet that squirrel!!!!!! she never cried , pussed or moaned , it is deep into the muscle and you could see the layers of fat ,skin and right into the muscle, she suffered in silence , poor girl . It is worse than it looks ,she was immediately brought to the vets and she had to be put " out" so they could fix it .
The boards were placed neatly away from where the dogs go until they could be removed from the property,The dogs are on alert for squirrels 24/7 , we try to stop them and the squirrels know this and even seem to tease the dogs by eating their food on the patio , coming up to them and chattering and getting the dogs attention and then bootin on er (running as fast as they can ) up a tree ,I do not know what would happen if they ever caught up to one but luckily that hasnt happened . This has been going on for years and the squirrels are getting brazen or brave ,depending on your point of view .

She didn't even want her treat and her favorite thing in the world is FOOD , I can understand that LOL ,,,,,,,,, she is on anti biotics for a week and has stitches inside and out , what a day !!
She doesn't want her pic taken , cant blame her there ! she ran in to the bedroom and is really snugglin Mom here .
Well she is off to the cabin again , bet she will be more careful chasing squirrels but for the meantime she is under house arrest or cabin arrest LOL So if you have pets , remember ,,,chasin squirrels is a NO NO ..LOL

Monday, June 04, 2007

finding nemo

If you have seen the Movie ,finding Nemo , you know the fish had there own little world in the tank ! I can vouch for it , the first few pic you can see the plant upturned , they dig it up and will not let anything plant like stay planted !
I have mentioned about cleaning my fish tanks before , we have a 50 gallon and a 30 gallon , they are messy fishies , and require a great deal of love and care , the first four pix are of the 30 G tank , all of these pix make them look alot smaller , and pardon the mess as I just cleaned their tanks and needed to finish the outside glass ,if I did prior to pic taking the glare would be to strong ,,,,,it is not as easy at it may seem to get a good pic !
This tank holds cold water fish , fancy tails ,plain and KOI golds , kalico s , black mollies ,loaches and plecastamus(spell)(sucker cleaning fish ) there are numerous fish that hide ,camera shy I guess LOL

Below is the 50 gallon Tropical tank , these pix make the big silver dollars (silver ones in lower right ) look teeeeny , they are actually around 4 1/2 inches across and fast. There are approximately 21 fishies LOL in this tank they hide as well , esp where I just cleaned the tanks and all contents , etc and moved everything , The Big silver dollars are very strange , they watch TV , in the pix here the reflection of the TV is in the tank and they are all lining up to get a spot to watch , I know they are probably just attracted to the light but looks like watching TV from here ! The wall of bubbles I put in a while ago is not on ,I had to reset everything and that was last on list , They love swimming in them .I turned it on after taking pics and cleaned galss , their water when you clean it looks dirtier than norm as you stir it up with the vacuum you use , yes vacuum , for a fish tank , a glorified suction hose with a digging end !!! bet you all are riveted to your seats haha but if you are still with me (THANk YOU ) LOL

They are also very jumpy , and scardy cats (pardon the expression), they freak at anything passing the tank and if the lid s not closed they can jump right out ! They look like Parana ,I am glad they are not as I am the only one that takes care of them.

Blood parrots \Australian rainbows (Meow),alot of different tetras (black skirt, cherry, and tuxedos, Guarmines (spelling????),Male and female Betas .couple or catfish (Diane , no good eatin LOL) and a few others .
You may notice the cat face looking at them , uh my Mom says it is mean , I don't have a mean bone in my body , I thought it was cute and how does the fish know what it is anyway . not like he / she can read or anything !

But this little guy got revenge as I was finishing up on this tank the little bugger bite me , he is a pink kissing guramie (again ????spell), he latched right onto me and gave me a good rush , so I say the cat pic stays LOL

This is the little blue eyed kissing fish that bite me arrrrgggggg!!!!!!!! can anyone say fish o~ fillet ?? LOL
I am kidding , (LMAO )
Hope ye all have a great week and have health and happiness in your lives , take er easy .