Monday, July 30, 2007

Ramblings of a sleep deprived mind .

It has been really hot here the last few days up to 39 c /102 F then adding the Humid-ex (it feels like 45c) We here on the island do not usually get this kind of weather so we obviously are not acclimatized to the temps , 2 and 1/2 weeks ago it was so cold at night you needed a warm jacket .everywhere I go I hear people saying ,OMG the heat ,no its the humidity!!!!!!!! LOL. I tell you I could sit in an ice bath and not complain.I like heat but not like this , the weather is so weird our seasons seem off as well Global warming seems so much more real on days like these .I better make some more iced tea and ice if I can remember the recipe LMAO.

I have been reading every ones blogs and tried to keep up with ye all ,thank you to everyone who commented here , as I was away for a bit and always nice to see friends comments sorry I couldn't reply as my time was totally limited and face book I guess everyone out there has heard of it , they have more gadgets everyday I try to catch up with that as well ,I will in time . :)


A friend of mine whom I chat about blogging with , she doesn't own a computer (GASPS HEARD AROUND THE GLOBE)she is really interested in all the stories of peoples lives and we were chatting and she said to me "Do you think that it could be possible to be at the computer blogging /commenting 24/7 and not even take a break and still not catch up ,,,as one person goes to bed another is starting there day and posting so it would be there to read and so on ."

I quickly told her to HUSH I was reading ,,,,,, A blog HA HA . It could be possible though , Addicts ,yep it could LOL but we love it , I know I certainly do .

Wishing you all a Brilliant day ! HUGS
She talks to the angels

There is nothing like caring for a sick child to change your priorities , I have been on the missing list for a while as I have been caring for a little one who was and is quite ill , she is on the mend now but gave us all a scare and a close up on extra prayers . I give thanks in my life for many things daily and Thank God he answered my payers yet again. If you are reading this I can tell you one thing for certain if you are healthy and have children with good health you are truly blessed and never forget for one minute there are many in the world who are not .So live life in happiness ,enjoy each day and tell those whom you love ,that you love them and treat them well ,for time is precious enjoy it while it passes .I do not want to sound preachy ,I am far from it , I speak from expereince as I live it .

Friday, July 20, 2007

Me mudder said there would be days like this !!!!!

Raining , muddy clothes,cannot catch up with what I am trying to do , late all day ,and it AINT over yet ! Thought I could get some time to putter but tis not to be ,I miss everyone , I have been reading everyone,lots of intresting things happing out there , more than here at present ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But Best to be happy ,could be worse ,hope not ,but you never know .

How are you today ??????????????????????????????????come on VEnt ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anyone wanna play , come on I dare ya , take my stick !!LOL, note the chew marks , glad they are on the stick !

Before wait , click on this one below and you will see what I was watching all weekend past , there were many chasing the caplin,
In case you didnt spot her , a whale is in the background , we seen several ,feeding
then they (caplin)rolled into shore and this is the
pic , Bird heaven !!!

Some one threw stale bread out , the FOOL!!! NAh , the caplain were rollin and the birds were getting their share and then some !