Friday, August 24, 2007

August 25 ,2007
To My Green eyed Andre`
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Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Happy Birthday Dear Andre , Happy Birthday to yoUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
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Happy birthday Andre ,May all your dreams come true ,have a fantastic day .Drop by and wish Andre a Happy Birthday here at
Andre 's
it's a great read too !

God Bless .

Monday, August 06, 2007

Me Dancing My Happy Dance Just beacause ........
Went for a little drive , seen some really pretty flowers , I had to take a peek,it was a longer walk than anticipated , should have worn my Duckies !or as some call them pissquicks ,short rubber boots (pretty ones for the girls )to the ankle ,sturdy and easy on ,easy off ,hence the word QUICK! Tee hee .If your camping(or roughing it) they are wonderful but I wouldn't wear em to a dance mind you !!!LOLThe walk was well worth it , how pretty and they are wild , I have no idea of the type or name of this beauty of a flower but they sure are something in the evening sun .The flowers lured me , but all was not as it seemed , just behind these flowers was a tall woods and through that ,the end of the worlD !!! The logs you see are old and left to ruins now but once followed the top line of these cliffs for farm animals and the the odd unfortunate soul in the night would not slip of the cliffs beyond. This was a major undertaking and now falls on the property owner to see to it s upkeep..or not !

As you can see the cliffs are treacherous and in the below pic you can see how far the cliffs go, it is even further in the opposite direction , majestic but scary in one . That is the Atlantic Ocean at the bottom .

Then the fog started to roll in , and this wayward flower clings on to the earth for what I chance to guess a rough night.

This is slanted but you can see the fog roll here , it comes in like a long tubular roll and you can see it billowing and twirling within the long endless sun douser. It can leave you blinded and quick . Whoops gotta go !!!LOL

Me after the Happy Dance , Phew ! Tired !

Hope you all are Happy and Healthy and loving life , God Bless .

Sunday, August 05, 2007

And the the THUNDER rolls !! and lightning strikes !
Last night we had a really big thunder and lightning storm , the kind you see in scary movies . We do not get alot of the lightning shown above we get mostly flash lightning but last night we had both , and the rain ,OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS!!! I think I could have swarm in mid air LOL the heavens opened up and went BOOM !
I usually like these type of storms ,if I am safe at home all cuddly and the power is on ,we just ride it out , not this time !
The storm lasted for hours and our street lights went out first , bang !!! then lights flickering and thunder so loud it was eerie,sounded like it surrounded us instead of above and far away . I knew where emergency lights were and extra flash lights and so on and turned off and unplugged things without power surge bars but mostly everything we have is plugged into them already,I like to be prepared for anything ,doesn't always happen but I try .
It just so happens that it was just two of us home me and My Little princess , which can make the storm seem worse as she need medical equipment which is run by electricity with a back up battery but those batteries do not last long (you would think med equipment would have a super long battery ,uh uh not all things are logical )but I have backup backups LOL , mini generators .
SO I was going around checking all the windows and making sure all was OK , and I was in the dinning room where the patio leads off to outside and boom Thunder then a min or so lightning and I was facing the patio glass door and YIKESSSSSSSSSS my reflection startled me so much I yelped!(No comment on me being so UhhhGa leee,we all have our lot in life thanks ,LOL,,,,LOL)
JD our friendly but fierce 120lb doggie came to my aid and the lightning struck again and he barked like CUJO with rabies , I was at least 10 minutes getting him settled and finally had to let him out there to check it out (Magic word command which means scare the life out of anything that moves ) ,he pushed himself out into the sheets of rain,more savage than I have ever seen , me laughing at him didn't help the situation . It was so reassuring to know how protective he is ,I alread knew he was but with the storm and being "ALONE" it was a boost , he deserved a treat and a treat he did receive , he enjoyed it tremendously ,his favorite ,canned cat food and sliced cheese and two raw hides ! It is funny My Father ,when he sees JD with a bone near where he is sitting ,he pulls his legs away and gently takes them off the ground LOL he says "I have seen him crack a huge ham bone into tiny bits with one bite ,all I can imagine is what he could do to my ankles " It is so funny cause he is so gentle and mild mannered but I can see where someone would be unnerved a little ,I just wouldn't try to get into the house if he doesn't know you , some have made that mistake once before but not a second time ,thank God For steel doors !!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am tickled pink , I received a wonderful parcel from my Dear Friend Meow , she is such a sweet person , we were chatting and the topic of a certain candy that she likes which has a funny name and she asked if I ever heard of them ,I giggled at the name MUSKS and said that sounds like a perfume, she was serious and said she liked them alot and we giggled and talked some more and she says "I am going to send you some to try !" and that she did . I received a wonderful parcel with a large package of MUSKS )Looks Like these below (BAG popped before pic could be taken and somehow they disappeared,,ahhhh uhmmmm ,I don't know how!!!!(wiping pink dust from corners of mouth LOL)
and two videos, one of her pictures which are out of this world , what a beautiful interesting country she lives in (AUSTRALIA) many pic of all of her journeys it is a Fabulous disk , I will treasure it , as well as the disk of animals native to Australia set to classical music , what a treat,I enjoyed both tremendously while trying her musk candy which I must sheepishly admit after all that razzing I did Meow , they are really good , very different ,something like the flavour of SEN-SENS with a different texture .

So I had a slower than usual busy day and had me a "MEow day" , Musks and videos and to top it off I watched another video she sent , a movie called "My Castle" which is a riot set in Australia and features Meows beloved Bonnie Doon ! I enjoyed it all so much , I want to give Meow a Gigantic HUG and smooch and say thank you soooooo much It made my week , you are such a wonderful Friend not cause you sent me things but because of your great heart , your kind ways , sweet words and friendship you are a blessing .