Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Me to you HAVE A HOPPY DAY
Love with the passion of last days on earth
Live life like what it is truly worth
Do not wait for it to reach out to you
Reach and grab for it ,your chances may be few
lift your head from work or book
Take another glance ,life is worth the look is short !
Take care

For the ladies ,
if easily offended look away now LOL
Men , read at own risk LOL

A little Crude Humour , Funny just the same
Below this pic was sent to me and it is suppose to symbolize the workings of a woman's brain , each blue ball is zooming around as a thought,completing a task ,helping someone , working , remembering etc functioning like a well oiled machine .

Men only have two to worry about and they control his whole brain LOL

Sorry gentlemen , I could not resist , one of my blue balls must have gotten stuck LMAO .

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bits of this and that

Did I ever mention there are alot of trees around , this is a section where you can best see the colours changing on the leaves , I bet someone out there thought I lived in an igloo or a fish hut LOL .I kind of live in a bowl LOL. This is the highest part and to the left and right is more of the same but would have to get out on the cliff to take the pics as well as behind me hills hills hills ,far ,far right of these (SIMILAR) pics is the Ocean .

Which brings me to the second part , here is a pic I posted a couple weeks ago(JD on a rock ) , this shows how the Atlantic behaves itself ,most days the tide comes in ,the tide goes out .Windy days you can see a few white caps and where the shore and water meet it is a little wave sometimes even white foam .

Well Last week was a storm and one to be reckoned with the below pics do not due the fierceness of the storm justice but if you look close enough you will see that the water tore away the skid( the skid has totally disappeared, under the tail of the boat is nothing ,use to be a landing skid somewhat like a mobile dock ing) for the boat which was nailed in with steel shanks and tied together,the wind even blew things around in the shed seen in this pic and the sea came up to the grass which I can say I have never seen before -ever.

waves Just starting

These pics although hard to see here is of the beach where the ocean pushed so hard that it moved the rock line onto itself and made a hill , the water is at high tide here and normal level , it came into where the pic ends on the right !
This last pic , down on the corner on the left are some of the rocks that the ocean spit out up and onto the grass ,this was all grass the day before and one log which was pulled from ???? our main lawn had some debris from the ocean the wind picked up rocks as well and scattered them throughout the lawn! I know the wind can be harsh at times as you can actually lay into it and be supported but that is not always , mostly it is breezy at best .

This is the next day , guess they don't know what they missed , small boat I have isn't it !!!!NAHHHH haha , we sometimes see cruise ships going by our cabin (Not often ), you can hear them before seeing it and they leave a large wake behind . As this pic was taken along with a half a dozen or so there was a flash from the camera (I take alot of pics of EVERYTHING and always have my cameras close) anyway once the first pic was taken , flashes of light came from the ship LOL I thought it so funny , they were taking pics as well , can ya say run for cover ! So smile if you are on a cruise ship or taking a pic of one you never know who is watching !LMAO! SAY CHEESE ! :0)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am a bit of a chunky munky LOL ! did you know they have an ice cream for people like me
Yes , a moment of sweetness on the lips and a lifetime of chunky munky hips ! Yes I spell my Munky a little odd but to be different is unique not like a sheep (Tee Hee) now my two year old rhyme is over ..........I must go see if the light is on in the freezer ......LMAO
Ice cream anyone ?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Have a purrrrrrrrrrrfect day everybody

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where did summer go ? Our weather has a strangeness to it on a season to season bases, living in Atalntic Canada we can have literally a taste of three season in a day (LOL) but this years weather has a strange feel to it . Our Summer was bitterly short with some sweltering uncomfortable days mixed with few hot days or sun splitting rock kinda days . It started late and now has definetly ended early !
I love this time of year , Autum,I like everything about it except one , what comes next ! From my perspective once I see the very tip of a green leaf change into a golden hue ,it seems like 10 months of frigid ,deep frost, snow bound, ice filled winter is hovering and waiting to pounce .I like the cooler temps but like to be eased into it like a teenage girl into a pair of too tight jeans ,I need a little time to adjust and get comfy :-} LOL.

Back off Jack frost :0)

Friday, September 14, 2007

JD's waterfun

look at what JD is up to when he thinks no one is looking ! He was told to stay off those rocks and out of the water due to the last visitors (Otter or super sized minks, LOL Diane !) they have taken a shine to the two rocks here in front of our cabin and we have kept the dogs away just in case . Well we were down for an eve and JD would not leave the area ,and first chance he was there! it was about 9 c that is freezing your butt off in I am guessing that water was a little chilly and JD is clipped for the summer so even colder ,YIKES! I finally had to go down there and make him come back,he is very obedient but not this time , he is a male after all (LMAO) I hear the groans of men around the world LOL not that the read me but a girl can dream HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
well well at least he enjoyed the fire warming up .

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Meow/Connie , you are so sweet , I received my package today and inside I found a wonderful mixed CD which I have been listening to throughout the day and love it , it is interesting to see what song is for what person ,I will enjoy it very much . As well as the card you sent there is a phone /address book , wonderful I needed a new one , I misplace them sometimes and now I can copy all my bloggers add and info into this one as well as B days ,so Thank you dear friend , you are so sweet . HUGS and More Hugs and More Hugs still .

For Jessica

Different view s from our cabin , Right on the Atlantic Ocean . I may have posted some of these before ,if so they are worth a second look anyway. Imagine the salt water air, fresh and clean and invigoration,as you wait for darkness the clouds fill up the sky , or the sun setting fills the senses , a warm fire starting , maybe get to see some whales flick their tale on the water . Don't forget the wieners and the smore's ,hot chocolate anyone ?. You'll sleep like a log tonight , the sea air knocks me right out the first night ! WOW , I see a trillion stars, no city lights , just Gods beauty and wonderful peace and tranquility until I want the Music/guitars on that is HAHA ,LOL
And no I do not play guitar but My Dad does and some family as well , nothing like playing guitar around the fire and howlin a few tunes .
Wish everyone could experience it !

Monday, September 03, 2007

Yes this is Mr Moose , it is young and has no rack right now and is rather small for a moose but could take you out if you hit one in your car , That's why I drive a 4X4 !!!!!I would have a better chance LOL As you can see here they sneak( LOL ) out of the woods and out of the ditch/shoulder of the road , most have no fear of cars , NOT SMART!I am up fairly high in a vehicle here and the moose still towers over me ! Glad he's not a BIGun! He is getting an escort here , seems to like the attention :0)

Next are three MINK that swam over to our cabin , this is right in front of our door here , PIC was taken standing on our patio! they are bigger than our dogs . NOT JD he is over 100 lbs. But these buggers are huge , It may not look like it here but these rocks are in prior post pics (next pic will show distance and size of rocks)but take my word for it they are BIG! I never seen anything like them here before , they must be eating good , they are good swimmers that's for sure , I am against fur for fun but they come after me it will be a free for all ! LOL
As I said to my friend while talking about these MINK , I don't have to run very fast , just faster than her ! For some reason she did not share my sense of humor , she changed her plans of joining me next time , OH well , I will have to stay in the cabin and cozy up by the fire and relax , all alone , poor ME!

This last pic is not my creation but I just love the pic , hope it makes someone smile ,it did me ., like sunshine in a bowl

HAve a great day and GOD Bless

And this is a GIVEN!