Monday, January 28, 2008

Just thought this was cute , wanted to share the giggle

hope your well and having alot more fun than ME LOL,will be back soon !!!!!!!

Be happy , lifes short and enjoy what ya got while you got it !



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you to all who made comments on my last post , Your sweet words made my week , funny how people you never met in the flesh can make you feel great and lift your day !
So thank you for your kind thoughts and know it means alot when you make a comment , as I said before I love comments and each and everyone is like a present , so thank you .God Bless.

Things are still a little hectic here but I did have one good surprise , We bought a new washer last year and had some minor problems with it right off the get go , well we returned it for a new one within a few weeks , the second one , worked the same , a dud , well we were told it must be us , yes your reading that right they said we must not be using it right , I laughed in the mans face , I am not at all particuiarly rude ,actually the opposite but this called for a eruption of laughter as clothes is washed daily here ,large amounts and in all my years we never had a problem with a washer and it is not only used by myself so they were saying that the people (4) of us that use it did not know how to wash clothes !! this was the dealer and apparently (we were told ) the people at MAYTAG's conclusion(of course that is "maytag' where the service man is never busy , (I now see why!). Apparently the newest models have an electic sensor on their rinse cycle that disables the wringer to reach its full capacity if the contents does not reach whatever requirement, ,it would not spin in any form and we tried numerous combos with numerous weights etc , nope the wringer would not wring!!!! we were left with sopping wet clothes 95% of the time and were told , nothing they could do as it was us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Well we used the darn thing and complained to uncaring ears and then the whole thing went KAPUT! when inquired about it, it was week past the warranty, yep some lucky I am! Anyway it being a rather large capacity washer we had to look for a replacement as not many places carry them . After lining up another one and waiting for stock to come in , we were informed from a friend who worked at a place like this and told us out washer may not be under warranty but the transmission is!!! Well we had it all apart and new that the transmission was the problem and must have been from the begining. so we contacted the company and low and behold they have to replace it , we have to cover installation but that beats almost $1000.
I do not know what happened for them to give in but I thank God and so if you ever have a problem check it all out before giving up !LOL , what can it hurt .

signed :The Laundry Fairy!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The HOLIDAYS just past and throughout it I had a funeral to attend ,(Childhood friends sister (very young) SAD), a planning and Hosting of a Retirement party for My BELOVED Father (((I love him SO))),Caring for an seriously ill very fragile child ,another one of my "GIRLS" was moving again right smack dab in the middle of the holidays ! Our New Maytag (1 year 1 week old) washer died ,warranty is void after year , GRRRR! (they are getting a not so sweet letter !:( , a very major repair needed on my van onthe 24Th no garages take it till this week , back to back snowstorms , power outages ,and I guess I could go on , I am not complaining what so ever just stating what was going on in my part of the world ,in fact I actually found time to thank God everydayfor all my blessings which are abundant even considering this comment above . I have a warm home , with all I need and people who I love and love me in life what else can ya ask for . One teeny thing , I just don't have the brain spark power to think about what to post (I know I am posting now!!),its like my battery needs charging LOL
If I get the time ,like now to blog , I much rather surf my blogging friends and read their news and I really enjoy them all so much, even if Ido not post I am reading , hence the brain power to write something is foggy not that it is running at full capacity all the time anyway HEE HEE :)

Well I must go and put some footprints all over your blogs and peek in on YE all .

Hope everyone is well and staying safe , God Bless :-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008