Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yep that's about right ,in the mornings ! Always been a night owl ,ALWAYS will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can swear like a pirate,I would make a sailor blush , I really try not to , and I control myself in company/public but it rolls right off the tongue when I am vexed (angry).(Hangs Head and sighs) One exception I never use the Lords name in vain, sometimes all twisted in a new*fie swear ,which kinda goes like

Lord liftin Thundering J.... mother Mary and Joesph

sounding like
and it is all said together and quickly,if you were not from around these parts you wouldn't realize what I said unless you have a good ear for dialect.

I was on the phone early this morning with a company who is famous for putting you on hold , Actually it is the Bank I deal with , Now recently they have contracted this Canadian banks call lines to India, I'm OK with that , even though I call and I get the same thing every time , I cannot understand them and they cannot understand me , life's hilarious isn't it . So we are getting no where fast and I just let the call go and try later but I think I get the same man , I have patience to burn so I give it a try AGAIN, and AGAIN and for the fifth time . Now I talk fairly slow on the phone and clear with as little accent on purpose ,my accent is not a strong one compared to many of people here on the island ,anyway , I get this gentleman trying for all he is worth to figure out my tiny problem , no sir couldn't tell me and says to me ,get this , I should learn how "TALK MUCH BETTER" I did , I asked "Your supervisor please?"I spent about 30 minutes with this gentleman to try and tell me why money was moved from account to account , it was there mistake , no BIGGIE fix it please ! it took 15 seconds for the supervisor to hear me , understand me and fix the problem .No curse words needed , but they rattled around in my head , (BLUSHING)

Have a swear free day !

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I received this in email form and thought I would see if any out there could help !!!

It reads:

I need a favor....

My neighbor has a puppy he's giving away (FREE!).

It's a Dachshund, it's house broken, and it's great with kids.

He's giving it away because his wife says the dog 'stares' at her when she is undressing,

and that gives her the 'Heebie Jeebies.'

I think she is just weird! If you're interested,

or know someone who is, let me know.

Here's a picture of the dog. *

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAA , well at least I thought it funny , kinda creepy but FUNNY!!!


Monday, February 18, 2008


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

These pics are just from the last post , I really had to compose myself from pushing this guy down that hole he is leaning into !LOL,shown here outside our living room window is the rude awakeners , the hole is about half of what they dug here and they needed a full size ladder to get in and out already . It is all filled in now and not much sign of it as the snow has packed over it , come spring there will be one big mess I am sure ,as the pavement is no longer there . This next pic shows a little snow from part of the patio , look past the rails and you can see the snow mound almost half way up the rails, the bottom of that snow bank is approx 18feet down. the ground under it is level with the lower level of the house in the background ,our place is on higher ground due to the slant of ground so it is hard to really see how deep it is but believe me it is deep . this is the same corner of yard looking down in spring ,it looks closer than it actually is ,these trees (below)are now completely covered , (I really HOPE THEY SURVIVE)you can see the old fencing was beat in last winter so old boards are there to support the little tree . I moved one from there last year but it died ,so I left this one and this is the third year it has been under the snow , tough little tree.!this is not a great pic but it shows the icicles from our last storm , covering our window actually some fell just prior to this pic and cracked the window AGAIN! I know things could be alot worse weather wise , so I take it in stride ,and Thank God that it isnt as bad as some parts of the planet .
Just somedays I feel like this guy below *(WINK)

Have a fun filled day , may the sun find you , happiness be your constant companion and your days be filled with great memory material .
God Bless

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I kinda looked like this kitty today , I do not sleep alot , and sometimes sleep deprivation or sleep debt can make you do funny things that an ordinary day would not permit , but this was no ordinary day .
I finally after many really late nights (nothing fun , caring for someone who is ill) I finally got to go to sleep round 5:30 am this morning . All the planets were aligned and things looked fabulous to decompress. ahhhhh , sleep , sweet sweet sleep ,ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ NOT!
As an insomniac , I, no matter how tired I am I find it hard to fall off to the land of NOD , so once I do AHHHHHHHH!all the more glorious , for me anyway .
Well this morning at exactly 7:05 am, I thought the devil had me or the world came to an end , it seems as a main water line runs down under our road ,and it ruptured late ,late, last night. Well water in these temps turns to igloo material really fast and as I live on a little hill it runs as it is freezing and in other words ,one great big frozen but still gushing swamp!
Getting back to my nap interrupted , at 7:05 the city started without any-ones knowledge , a jackhammer the size of tractor , slamming into the frozen ,slick pavement , this is about 20 feet or so from where I was sleeping , as they just had to drill right in front of my house, yep ME ol heart got a good test drive this morn!
it was still darkish and freezing and bright light were shining in through my shades, huge trucks everywhere ,people standing around , yelling to one another ,,,,,,,,,,,,"I CANT HEAR YOU" What??? "I cant hear you " over and over . Oh well ,a lesser woman would have went out in her robe and slippers and made a fuss , I on the other hand , I laughed to myself and said there is a universal plot to keep me awake till I crack , I figure if I lasted all day with that jackhammer, back hoe and stinky polluting trucks , no road access , no water , and a hole that you could put a bus in and not see it outside my door , I am no Humpty Dumpty's sister .
LOL, Gotta laugh in life , Tis to short !
Now if I can just get a nap!