Saturday, April 26, 2008

I have not been online at all for a while , (SIGHHHHHHHHHH) but TRW(the real world) is more pressing , I have been caring for a very fragile ,sick child , she is coming along now and finally able to receive her "care" home here with me ,but the illness was dark and gloomy ,came as quick as blowing out a light and is a long twisted Forrest path . I am grateful to God for the light and the Medications and help that are helping her recover .This pic reminded me of US as I never left her side in the Hospital and feel I certainly aged as old this woman in this pic with worry !

felt like this

Felt these around
Enjoy every minute , you never know what your future holds :)
Stay safe ,Healthy and enjoy life :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Anyone ???Actually this is good , the road way is clear , amazing! most of the snow is now is watering the earth below ,waking whatever dares to grow on this land of ROCK ! (Our nick name for our province) ,yes we have a lot of places on the island that have sandy beaches or farmland ,etc. , but we truly are a geologists dream come true LOL, For a lack of a better term "All kinds of ROCKS" ,,,,LOL.

Rocks and trees , yes we have plenty ! These pics are actually on the TCH, (Tran*s*Canada*high*way) just about a half hour from my home , this is a baron section ,but it goes on for miles like this , it can make you feel like your on the moon . Different times of year you can see Caribou or moose grazing along side the road ways and sometimes even a heard crossing over the area , it is a sight to be seen .No luck in these PICS just ROCKS and TREES ,oh and snow!