Monday, October 27, 2008

I have been missing in action for a L'iL bit , but I surface now as I want to say a well deserved Thank you to friend , A friend who I have come to love from across the miles , this computer Internet generation we have become , we can open up our worlds and heart to those otherwise unobtainable,I love computers ;-)

Now I have meet many people online and have developed many new friendships , and some of those friendships have withered and some have bloomed into what will be a long life lasting bond that I thank GOD for and am tickled pink about , the friend I am talking about in this post is Diane of Diane J. place ..........I am thanking her for a gift she had sent me via snail mail , now as beautiful as it is and as much as we all love presents which I Thank her very much for , I am not shallow and just happy to get something in the mail ! I am really Thanking her two fold , for the gift ,the physical gift and also the gift of her Love , as she made this gift an Afghan , by hand and with many prayers and love to surround me and my loved ones ,To say the least I was deeply moved by the whole thing and I believe even if you sound mushy /soft hearted ,weird or different ,I believe you should tell people how they make you feel or what you think about them if it is nice or a compliment etc . SO I usually do !

It was not just her thought fullness and hard work that went into the gift, it was her heart , her words , I was deeply touched when she said she prayed as she knit and I/my family would be surrounded in love and prayer when cuddled up in the Afghan , well ,it melted my heart ,I still get all mushy when I think of it !!!!

I will use this Afghan throughout my life and it shall be a constant reminder of friendship and love as my friend Diane means to me ((((((((BSHUGS)))))))))

the very first time I blogged I had been looking indirectly for pen pals , being a scardy KAT , I was hesitant over everything and all I could really find was prisons who wanted pen pals etc ,I was looking in the wrong area , I believe in fate and fate guided me to Blogging and so on . I am some glad I didn't answer BUBBAS letters HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kidding .

Well below are a few pics of this wonderful gift , they are on a really, really high bed that is to small for it but it was for showing it off to all my PEOPLE here :-) there are 48 squares ,each one a tremendous amount of work , the center has raises circles and it is,,,, well ,,,,,just wonderful , check it out .

Thank you Diane , from the Bottom,,,, top,,,,,, sides and center of my heart , for this gift and your friendship , you Both enrich my life. Love you (((((BSH)))))

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To a wonderful woman who I have the honour of calling friend , I wish you a happy , blessed and love filled Birthday
May you always be loved as much as you love , good health be yours and your loved ones , Happiness always find you and be your constant companion.
I wish for you to have a long life filled with laughter ,love, .and bliss !
May your heart stay filled with the love that you have shared in this world ,even all the way here .:-) for it is abundant !
,Big squishy hugs to infinity :-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~~~~~~~

Today and everyday


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and that

A friend of mine :-) Sylvia sent this to me via email and I thought it was so cute I would post it here to share the laughter, I guess everyone has a HAPPY DANCE ! ;-) check it out , it may make you chuckle , if not you may need a nap or up your meds LOL (KIDDING PEOPLE!)

This Pic (below)was taken a couple of weeks ago from our cabin steps , The rainbow was the biggest I had even seen and we could see both ends! I tried to get a pic of both but it was to large, so I went outside ,by the time I got out it has dissipated so I took this short video 1min 15 sec and you can hear the wind , the quality is not perfect but I near froze while standing there , I thought it was going to snow !!! I was thinking of Sweet Jessica Jess while I was talking this as she loves the ocean , this ones for you Jessica XO.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Why can't carrots taste like chocolate, or cabbage rolls , stuffed peppers be calorie free, I would even settle for low cal steak and spud but it doesn't seem to want to go my way .

As I type I count down my last of my 10 mini salt less pretzels, and mash them around in my mouth with 0.05% measured amount of milk ,I think , GOSH , I am HUNGRY!!!!!! I really am not overly hungry but I wanna , I wanna , I wanna , (LOL) eat something so full of calories I smell it and it goes directly to my hips ! I am planning on cooking a gigantic meal on Monday for our (CAN.)Thanksgiving, and hope to make one of my favorite desserts" sex in a pan" (I will wait till laughter ends HAHA) It is very rich with puddings and cream cheese and whipped cream, pecans , chocolate etc and I have an idea of how to make it low fat , sugarless and still taste great , HA! a dreamer I am ..........I purchased sugar free pudding s ,chocolate and ,whipped cream,low fat cream cheese if there is such a thing and will use powdered splenda where needed for sugar . Now if all this works out I hope to have a dessert I can eat once a year LOL
If it doesn't , this pic below will display what it is going to be like at the dessert table , GROUCHY ME! LOL ;-)wanting the last piece of something !TEE HEE ,
Have a fantastic weekend , and if you eat any chocolate in the next few days , watch out you never know where a sweet starved green eyed girl will be , Ninja Greeneyes! LMBO;-)


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thank you to all who left Happy Birthday wishes for My Dad,he thought it was awesome ,he is rarely on the computer / so the idea of blogging is still a little leap but he likes hearing about it all ! and so do I , so Thank you again :-) you are all so sweet !
Have a spectacular day :-}