Monday, November 24, 2008


This pic kind of depicts my feelings lately , the weather has turned cold and the wind is bitter and relentless ,I cannot complain as we in many past years have been bombarded with snow by now and shovelling with all its colourful language would be out in full force! This weather is harsh on a woman's skin , well I know it is on mine , dry irritated and in need of extra love and care ,when you get the time ,if not UGH!!!!!!UGH!!!!! UGH!!!!! Anitbacetial soaps and repeated handwashings only add to the problem.:-(

I was trying to brighten up the place and decided to transplant some Christmas cactus/cacti ,

prune etc and purchase a few new ones ,along with new soil, planters, etc . I set my area up and even bought some hand blown glass watering balls to make it all pretty, anyway as I was working in the new soil I sprinkled a little water into the mix and stirred it with an old spoon , wham I was taken back to my childhood ,making mud pies and straw fries and mushing it all with my hands ,you could smell the earth , a earthy clean distinct smell,and with the sensory of the feeling of it in my hands was a complete memory that I have not thought of for many years ! I paused and soaked up the happiness of my youth and the pleasure something so simple could give me , WOW , wonderful , then I seen my hands and my adult hood came crashing back LOL , the dryness of the weather irritated skin and the mushy soil !OMG I thought I would never get them clean , (bit of a clean phobe about my hands, LOL)but as I washed away the residue of soil water and memories , I noticed that my hands were soft and supple , I didn't even need to add moisturizer , WHO KNEW! I would have been playing in the mud for all these years if I had only known LOL

Hope your all playing in the mud !LOL have a great week ! HUGS!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

happy Birthday to My wonderful friend Connie ,This ones for YOU , MEOWWWWWWWWWWW

Happy Birthday Connie

I am trying to figure out ,lets see it is 10:40 pm the 16Th here that would be around 10 am there???? there being Australia , Mon on your birthday the 17Th????Hhhhmmm
Anyway a very very Happy Birthday To you ,happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu , happy birthday to a wonderful beautiful sweet friend , may your day be filled with Blessings ,sunshine family and Love . I wish you as much happiness as one could handle and I wish I could be there to spend the day with you , we would get into some mischief I am sure :-)
May you be treated like the Queen you are and your year be filled with contentment love and Joy.
Love you friend. Have a fabulous day
HUGS and Love

Saturday, November 15, 2008

even with a substantial weight loss I still feel feel like this
I feel like I eat like this (actually it is fairly close LOL )
But right now All I wanna do is

Have a spectacular weekend
Whatever it is you have you love , ENJOY :-)
Greeneyes * *

Monday, November 03, 2008

a little corner of the patio ,just so you can see whats coming my way LOL ,I was putting everything in storage and had to go finish other patio first ,it turned dark so fast and I could not complete my tasks , guess I better haul uhhhh,,,,,,, rear ! I am taking down Halloween and going to be putting up Christmas , Boy life goes fast !!!

This was last night , and when I awakened this AM, I was in a wonderful winter wonderland !Thank God for Furnaces ,tis been on almost a month ! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :-)

keep warm and snuggle up to someone you love , tis gonna be a long winters season ;-0