Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A page from My friends Granny D !;-)

I made a dory load of these , we had a meal and then I froze 50 for Christmas , they are filling but morish (makes you want more) I dont know if anyone would know what they are or taste like but here On the Rock most

people would give up their spouses steak HAHA for a feed of em . Needles to say they are sought after ! They are Home made fishcakes , salt fishcakes that is!

Salt and dried fish is soaked and rinsed repeatedly in cold water over night , to both plump up the fish and soak out the salt , it is then boiled as well as potatoes , fried diced onions till brown in rendered pork fat from tiny cubes of it called srunchins (they scrunch when chewed if outside fatback is left on and are salty.I remove this part for these) all this then fried in the pork fat (just little at a time) which I only use 1/3 and added veggie oil for the old ticker (Although My Grandparents and so on have been rared on foods like this and all lived late into their 80 and 90s so ?????

.I mix it all together, prepare little patties like hamburgers and ,,,,,,,, and fry for hours LOLas you can tell they splatter alot , my poor stove , but it was worth the extra cleaning job !!,I use more fish than some people and more softer scrunchins , onions etc I do not want a potatoe cake LOL they are Fish cakes.;-), (they are SOME shockin good me duckies , tell ya mudder ..... , LOL just a little local talk HAHA)Oh and they are not over salty , dried salt fish may give you that impression but if prepared and cooked properly and to desired taste , no problem.

I am hoping to make a giant roaster full of cabbage rolls this weekend (Oh Diane I wish you were closer , :-) we could roll and chat and you could give me all your secrets of cooking ), depends on the cabbage I can get , I freeze some of these for Christmas as well , they are time consuming and it is easier to do it that way . SOOOOOOOOOOOo is there any thing you cook especially for Christmas not the "DINNER" just for a little treat throughout the week ???????

HHHHmmm I am hungry now , I must go feed the beast that lives within my TUMMY!!!!

Have a good one .:-)


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Miss G!, those look good! We don't eat much salt fish here, but lots of us still eat salt pork, or salt meat as we call it. I love salt pork and you can pretty much tell by looking at me, LOL! ;o)

We call rendered pork skin/fat "cracklins" and they are some good eatin' all by themselves. I love cracklin' cornbread. I haven't had any good cracklins since the last hog we butchered in 1980.

I don't know that I have any cooking secrets, but if I do, you're more than welcome to them. I bet us 2 old broads could cook up a storm between our 2 styles, don't you? My Southern cookin' and your Newfie home cookin', we'd probably kill ourselves, and maybe some of our family too, LOL! ;o)

I don't have any particular dishes just for Christmas, unless it's my Mama's homemade jam cake. Sometimes we have turkey and dressing again for Christmas dinner, and sometimes we have a baked ham.

Last year we had fried ham sandwiches, and boy was that a good dinner. Easy cleanup, too! Didn't have to spend too much time in the kitchen, more time to open gifts and play with Emmy. We might do that again this year, not sure yet.

As for snacks, I make a lot of different things, but this year, probably not so much. Things are kind of tight financially so I won't make as much as I usually do.

I usually make marshmallow fudge, peanut butter fudge, white chocolate fudge, sometimes white choc. and reg. choc. truffles, peanut brittle, several different kinds of bon bons, homemade salami, savory pecans, glazed pecans, meringue pecans, homemade Scottish butter shortbread and more.

Since I tend to sample a lot of what I make, and I'm now diabetic, it's probably a good thing I'm not making as much of those snacks and sweets this year. ;o)

Jessica is doing okay right now, but her problem is still there, though not active right now, if you know what I mean. She goes back to Little Rock to see her surgeon next week so hopefully she's get something done about it before her next, um, episode.

Emmy's doing pretty good too, but still with the diarrhea, though not quite as bad as it was. They think she's having trouble processing sugars so they're trying to keep her off anything with sugar for a month, then she goes back to her Dr. Also Jessica has to give her an OTC supplement called Larique (sp?) I've never heard of the stuff.

Now that I've hijacked your comments and written a book, I'll hush.

Much love and lots of Emmy sugars for you, Miss G. I stocked up again today. :o)



Dick said...

You know it isn't very fair to talk about sweets when there are so many of us out here who are trying to either loose weight or at least not gain any more. Sweets are my downfall. And mochas.

Cecil said...

Hey Green Eyes,,, Never had that kind of fish cakes... our Mom used to make mackeral cakes.. I like those.. Diane and our other sisters make them, too. And it's been a while but so do I! I remember that our sister, Martha, used to make cabbage rolls, too. I like those, too! Hugs... Cecil