Sunday, January 11, 2009

I saw this and thought it was funny , actually a little true ,sad ,and funny , I have not been posting much as it seems there is never enough time and becoming a face Crack I mean book junkie LOL late at night ,I can surf mindlessly along my way at 4 am LMBO;-). In reality I do not get as much time as I would like on here for any purpose , I poke for a few min here and there and can easily be swayed to stay glued ,but something always pulls me away as usual unless really late at night and then I look like the guy above !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been catching up with everyone ,enjoying that tremendously (I have been trying to keep updated all along:-)and can hardly wait to see what I missed out on , so put the kettle on or the ice in the glass or even the mat out as I am like the old lady after the red rooster ,I'll Comin round that mountain !LOL