Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This was my face when I realized how long since I dusted off the ol' Blog and wrote anything ,Wow time flies !!!!!! I know I keep repeating myself as I wanna blog more and want more time on here , to tell the truth I try but my life is so compacted you would not believe it if I tried to tell you !!

so I wont bore you with that ;-0


I have made some very dear Friends on here and am so blessed that we connect and people whom I check in on all the time matter to me as well ,I would never let that go

and hope to make new friends along the path :-) Now if I could just give up that 5 hours a sleep I could be here more ! some will find that funny ,if you know me , you know it is true ;-)


I have always been a very private person , hence no personal pic of me on here ,no I haven't three eyes and a second head ,just not as comfie as many on here with personal photos . And once I seen that the blogs now have site meters which tell everyone what city big or small you are from and your exact location it made me shy away for awhile ,it was a little unnerving to see my place on peoples sites when I was online and commenting , I live in a small City ,some would think it puny but a city none the less and I was always uncomfie with people knowing me through my blog and me not knowing it and me living in the same small town .! I don't really think I am making any sense or if I will post this , as I know many people lurk and read ,that is OK , I just am weirded out by the universe kinda pointing a finger on top of my head but I am getting use to it :-)


So changing the subject ,if anyone is actually reading this and had the courage to get this far , I would love to know how your summer is , what your plans are for Holidays and if you are getting the weird Summer weather like we are getting here ???

well ,I must go and see whose meter I can set off HA HA , and I wish you all a good night ,or morning depending if your here or on the flipside :-)

Enjoy This day as you only get to experience it once!

HUGS ~~~~~~~~~HUGS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~HUGS~~~~HUGS


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey Miss G! So good to see a new post from you. :o)

From our chats I know you ain't kiddin' when you say you're busy and don't really have time to sleep, much less blog.

And you well know I fit into the very open crowd as far as the internet. I figure if anybody wanted to find me they wouldn't have to look very hard, and besides, I figure me and my 16 gauge shotgun can handle anything that comes to my door uninvited with the intention of causing trouble or harm. ;o)

I took that widget off my sidebar that showed where all my visitors come from. The privacy thing for my visitors was an issue, plus I was bored with it, so I figured everyone else was too.

Summer is progressing as usual here. Hot and dry for the most part, and we MAY go to my nephew's house for a catfish fry on the 4th, then POSSIBLY go watch the fireworks display at the fairgrounds afterward, but that's all up in the air right now. We may end up staying here and eating baloney sandwiches, lol. :o)

Hope you have a wonderful Canada Day, SisterFriend. Muchas Lovas and a barge full of BSH's for you, with plenty of Emmy sugars to season the lot. ;o)


Jess said...

Hello dear...i keep sitemeter for my own protection and for Emmys. I monitor who saves my pics and who visits alot and all that. I just want to make sure my precious kiddo doesn't end up on very bad site with very bad people...you know what I mean.

If it wasn't for that i would delete it because I do see your point...bt now days all people need is a name and they can look you up or pay to look you up if need be! It is scary!

Summer is here...working, playing outside in the kiddie pool, on the swingset...went to the lake...went to chuck e cheeses, going to see ice age3, then transformers2....hmm all kinds of plans now that we actually have a bit of money coming in.

Lots of love to you...good to read a post from you

Alex said...

Funny, thats the same look I had on my face when I saw that you had actually posted something! lol

People that come here have made a very dear friend as well.

My summer plans? Get a new job, go fishing,swimming, etc. So far it's been a good summer.

Dick said...

I haven't worried much about the people who read my site as it is not one that weird people would gravitate to, but I do usually only put in a first initial of names of friends and family when I refer to them. I kind of think that many if not most of the problems people find themselves in on the web comes from some of the sites they visit and I don't necessarily mean the sexy ones. My visits are pretty much limited to those related to places, businesses or subjects that I am interested in or those I've contacted through friends blogs. Maybe I've just been lucky so far.

Anyway, it is good to hear from you again. Please come a little more often if possible?

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