Friday, July 10, 2009

I have to get glasses , and wanna say ~~~~NO~~ NO~~~~NO ~~ (sung like I gotta go to rehab LOL)I have always had eagle eyes , and never ever thought I would need to wear them but within a very short period of time complications set in and now they say You need glasses !and I still say NO~~ NO~~NO~~!

it is not a vanity thing cause if anyone knows me there is not a vain bone in my body , I just feel :-( I may not need them all the time but

I know getting older and all that lovely stuff !~TA~ it is coming but it going to take some time getting use to , and boy they are not cheap !!!! Turns out I am Near sighted in one eye and far in the other !(never heard of it before)dear Lord wasn't bad enough !it is not a great thing but it could be worse I think about Diane's Husband and what they are going through and suddenly it all seems so superficial.

But I still say NO~NO~~~NO~~~!!!!even though I got them ! Like I said things could be worse :-)

Have a great weekend everyone ((((HUGS)))))))