Friday, July 10, 2009

I have to get glasses , and wanna say ~~~~NO~~ NO~~~~NO ~~ (sung like I gotta go to rehab LOL)I have always had eagle eyes , and never ever thought I would need to wear them but within a very short period of time complications set in and now they say You need glasses !and I still say NO~~ NO~~NO~~!

it is not a vanity thing cause if anyone knows me there is not a vain bone in my body , I just feel :-( I may not need them all the time but

I know getting older and all that lovely stuff !~TA~ it is coming but it going to take some time getting use to , and boy they are not cheap !!!! Turns out I am Near sighted in one eye and far in the other !(never heard of it before)dear Lord wasn't bad enough !it is not a great thing but it could be worse I think about Diane's Husband and what they are going through and suddenly it all seems so superficial.

But I still say NO~NO~~~NO~~~!!!!even though I got them ! Like I said things could be worse :-)

Have a great weekend everyone ((((HUGS)))))))


Diane@Diane's Place said...

You'll have to send me a pic of you wearing your new glasses! And I am both near AND farsighted, in both eyes! I was nearsighted all my life, but with age I've become farsighted for close up stuff, if that makes sense. I wear bifocals now, *sigh.....*

But I'll bet after you get used to your glasses you'll really appreciate them and will wear them all the time. It makes a big difference, being able to see well.

Lamar is the same, and no news about his tests. We go to see the eye specialist again on the 17th.

I've been so busy with Emmy's potty training that I haven't even had time to turn on the computer when she's here! That girl has a small bladder, has to go every 10-30 minutes, mostly every 15 or so. That's a lot of jumping up and down for this old arthritic fat girl, lol! But she's doing pretty well at it, no accidents at all with me today. Yay!!!!

Hope all is well with you, SisterFriend, and happy weekend!

Love and BSH's, with plenty of Emmy sugars to heap on top. ;o)


Meow (aka Connie) said...

I know exactly how you are feeling ... I'm pretty sure I need glasses (although so far, have avoided getting my eyes checked!!) ... it all seems to be getting worse in the past 12 months or so ... think it's age, the computer, whatever !!!
I'm sure you'll look amazing in your glasses ... you have such a pretty face ... and I'm sure you will pick out some gorgeous ones !!
Glasses are so expensive, which is another reason I have been putting it off.
Please post a pic, or email me one, when you have one, of you wearing your new glasses.
Love and hugs to you and yours.
Connie xxxxx

Andre said...

What are you complaining about, Greeny?! I've ALWAYS loved women in glasses. It gives off a certain sexy look on the one hand and a certain studious look on the other. It's the best of both worlds! :)

I can imagine it will be somewhat of an inconvience at first. Getting used to lugging those thing around on your face probably won't bode well initially.

But the important thing here is not vanity, or your face's's your sight. I mean, I'd hate to read the following story on CNN:

Reporter: Ms. Green Eyes of "The Green Eyed Girl on Planet Earth" was apprehended by Canadian police yesterday after stealing a car belonging to John Doe. When pulled over by the arresting officer, Ms. Eyes claimed she "...wasn't wearing her prescription eye glass" and that this was all a " mixup."

She is currently serving a life sentence for grand theft auto.

OK, that's a little dramatic. But you get the point. :)

Jess said...

Jason and I both wear glasses now....sigh... dang eyes...

Have a great rest of the week
Love, Jess

Dick said...

I've worn them since high school and one really does get used to them. And they actually do give some continuous eye protection.

Michael Manning said...

My sister and brothers had glasses from early on. I started wearing glasses just for reading in 2006. On women...WOW! Very cool fashion statement. :D)

Alex said...

Don't sweat the glasses. Just think how much clearer you'll be able to see my sexy-beast self?

Sammy said...

Good luck with the glasses! There are some really cute pairs out there now. You may find that the improved sight makes it all worth it! I hope so! :-)

Jess said...

Hi Miss G...was missing you today and thought I would say hello.

I hope all is I type Emmy is dancing around the bedroom singing I love you I love you I love I think she has plently of loving for me to send your way dear!

Love, Jess

Ps From Emmy...


Jess said...

Hi there...just saying still you lots and happy new week

Love Jess

Alex said...

hey, where ya been Green Eyes?
wish me luck, I'm going into rehab. starts tomorrow (october 10)
no outside communication for the 1st 2 weeks. :(

Alex said...

where are you? we miss you

Michael Manning said...

Ah, glasses. Basically I have 20/20 vision and need only readers. It get's bad when you forget them in the car and have to ask a waiter to tell you what your bill says. So far, everyone's been honest! :D)

Jess said...


Anonymous said...

My eyes are getting bad over the last couple of years. I have an appointment on the 13th.

harada57 said...
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